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Today we celebrate our youngest litter, the Fire-litter (Enya x Leo) on their 1st Birthday! Yesterday we had a lovely Birthday party with 6 out of 10 of them present, all boys no girls. It was a warm day and the dogs got to enjoy some swimming and playing in the lake.
Thank you all for a wonderful day yesterday and I hope your dogs gets truly spoiled today!
Love you all!

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This past Friday our boy "Charlie" (SEUCH SEVCH Kadamo Don't Mess with Texas) became daddy to 10 precious puppies at kennel Chamnalas. 7 strong boys and 3 girl. All with showquality ridges, no kinked tails. 1 girl had DS so we now have 9 strong gorgeous puppies being very well taken cared of by their mum Chamnalas Chera Kiisha.
Read more about the litter, see some puppyphotos under Planned Litter. Contact breeder Lotta Hammarlund if you are interested in a puppy from this litter at:
lotta.hammarstrom@home.se  or  call 070-523 92 81.

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Today me and Christoffer drove to Köping to attend the International Dog show judged by Edna Martin, USA.
First out was Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" from the Fire-litter who placed VG-2 in the class. After this SEJV-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" from the Drinks-litter recieved Excellent in Openclass and was thanked off as 5th dog, just outside placement. 
After the boys it was time for me and Mira in intermediateclass. She recieved Excellent and finished nicely 2nd with CQ. 
Today I also had Moa with me, today for the very first time being shown in Veteranclass. She won the class with CQ and got to compete against the Best Veteran Male and the judged liked them both but today Moa a little bit more and she was placed as Best of Breed Veteran! Wohoo! Good start in Veteranclass! This was also Moa's first show at all this year so not a bad little comeback! After this it was time for Best Bitch. Since both Mira and Moa has recieved CQ and was competing in Best Bitch Christoffer had to show Mira for the first time, acctually his first time in a ring ever!
They did a good job but were not placed today. Moa were picked out for placement and my precious old lady won Best Bitch! 
We got to compete once again for Best of Breed, but this time the younger male won and Moa was Best Opposite Sex. 
So both BOB and BOS in one day! We did not stay for the BIS-finals this time, it got to warm and to many hours of waiting, perhaps next time?!

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Today we decided to go for a little ride to Ekerö and a place called Blue Lagoon. When we arrived I realized that I had been there before with Dando many many years ago practising tracking in the sand aswell as just letting him play in the sand. 
Now thought we were not alone, lots of people have found this place and even though the sun was hardly even out people were there enjoying their weekend. 
We found a place to sit for ourselves, I did not swim and neither did Yaya, to cold for us two but the others went in!
Some pictures of Dando, Moa and Mira below!

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Yesterday I took the girls for some bloodtracking outside of Norrtälje. I started with Mira who has been a bit unfocused on her past tracks. But this time she was the star! The judge thought she did a wonderful job and said she was the best dog he had judged so far this year!
For the first time she was given an Honours Prize!
Moa and Yaya also did great and they also recieved 1st prizes. The tracks were about 18 hours old and during the night it had rained 16 mm so the judge expected them to have more difficulties than they had.
I am very proud of my three girls! After the tracking they got to play in a nearby sandpit which they loved. Some pictures from that below.

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Today my dearest girl "Moa" CIB NORDUCH SEUCH NUCH FINCH SEVCH NVCH RLDN RLDF Hamnuddens Fischer CV turns 8 years old and become a veteran!
Moa is the foundationbith of my kennel having produced three litters and now also being a grandmother to one litter, so far.
I can not have asked for a better girl to build my breeding on, the best temperament and health and with the most loving personality that she has given to her offsprings.
Love you to the moon and back and I look forward to many many more years with you!

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Tvååker is really the showground for me! This year I only went with "Mira" (SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo Bringin' It Back). Previous years I have shown both her mother "Moa", her halfsister "Yaya" and Wilson here with great success.

Day 1 International Show, the breed was judged by Mr Marko Lepaasar, EST.
I started off helping Ewa to show our handsome boy BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" in openclass. He recieved VG, the judge said he really like his type but thought he was a little bit to big. He got great critique so we are still happy.
After him I showed Mira in intermediateclass and I was happy to recieve Excellent. Time for placement and I realizes only 4 dogs in the class had recieved Exc so we were definetely getting placed!
When the judge put Mira as winner I was so surprised, and happy! She also recieved CQ and for the first time had a decent shot for placement in Best Bitch aswell.
The judge kept Mira, the second place winner in intermediateclass and the two openclassbitches and thanked the rest. Wohoo, by now I was more than happy and saticfied just being placed! 
So when the judge had us running and going back and forth trying to pick his winner I was nervous! But he decided that his favourite bitch of the day was Mira!
My silly little girl Best Bitch recieveing her first CAC and CACIB at 19 ½ months of age! First time for her also to compete for Best of Breed (after leaving Puppyclass) and today she lost against the topwinning Championmale, but I am still happy!!!

Day 2 National Show, the breed was judged by Mrs Gail Pattersson, IE.
Today Petra shown her young boy SEVCH Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" so he was the first Kadamodog out in the ring in juniorclass.
They two of them did wonderful as always recieving Excellent and later also won the class with CQ! 
After that I once again showed "Loke" and today he recieved Excellent aswell and was placed 2nd in the class with CQ! So both the boys continued to compete in Best Male. Unfortunately there they were beaten by the older boys but I am still very proud of them!
Mira and I once again entered in intermediateclass and again she started off recieving Excellent. She after that placed nicely 2nd in the class with CQ so once again we got to compete in Best Bitch!
Not until we entered Best Bitch I realized only four bitches had recieved CQ today so automatically we would be placed again today!
After some running Mira was placed as 2nd Best Bitch with R-CAC!

So happy with my young girl this weekend! I had NO expectations going to the show so every little thing was a success for me, and she did so much better that I could ever have imagined!

Moa who is Mira's mother won her very first CAC here in July 2008 becoming Best of Breed, and now six years later her daughter repeats history and wins her first CAC (and CACIB) here! 
Yaya and Wilson has also recieved CAC's and placed as Best of Breed here. Last year Mira was shown here in puppyclass and then also winning Best of Breed, so Tvååker really is one of my favourite showgrounds!

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I found this lovely photo of Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" from the Drinks-litter (Moa x Argos). Ebba lives with her owners on the island of Åsland. I haven't seen her in person for a while so it makes me so happy to see these photos of her and how gorgeous she is becoming.
Keep the lovely photos coming! 

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Today it was time for Mira and me to compete in rallyobedience Graduateclass hopefully for the last time. The weather was very warm which affected many of the dogs, including Mira.
She felt good as I was warming up but as soon as we stepped onto the field I felt her focus disappear...
I know Mira can do soooo well when she is focused, she keeps constant eyecontact and has a good healposition, but not today. She was sniffing the ground and didn't listen to some of my commands right away making us loose points...
But, despite me not being all saticfied with this run we managed to get 80 points which was enough for a qualifying run and a 9th place out of 16 dogs.
This was Mira's third qualifying run which gave her the RLDF title! (Rallyobedience Graduate Diploma)
Below you can see the video from today's competition. I had put the camera on a stand so that is why it is not zoomed in and also that we walk out of the frame for a bit...

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