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Rest in peace Dayo and Nando!

Today we had to let this boy go... Loosing a dog from my very first litter breaks my heart... It is too soon... 
You had the biggest personality Dayo, right from the start as a "tiny" puppy, and I do say "tiny" because that is what you never were... ;) 
You were born to be great! Born to be bigger and braver than the rest!
You will always have a special place in my heart <3 
Dayo suffered of liverfailure and within a week from his first sympoms (vomiting, drinking and peeing a lot) he was a lot worse and there was nothing we could do for him.
We are still waiting for the biopsy results from his liver that was taken the day before he died.
My thoughts go out to your family, they are going trough a very difficult time now loosing someone as special as you.
SEVCH Kadamo Living on the Edge "Dayo" 
2009/03/25 - 2016/06/23

Very recently we also lost another precious boy, Kadamo You Know My Name "Nando". He was born in my second litter, the Beatles-litter and I had unfortunately not seen him for several years. 
His owners recently told me that he had sufferd from a change of behaviour showing aggression in different situations. They did a big check up for pain at Redog about two weeks ago and he did have issues in one paw and also because of this uneven musclemass on the two sides of his body, most likely causing him a lot of pain and therefor could be the reason to his changed behaviour.
According to his owners he wasn't responding to the treatment so they decided it was best to let him go.
I can only say that I am sad that he could not live longer than thes 6 years... two boys just gone way to soon... it breaks my heart!
Kadamo You Know My Name "Nando"
2010/05/30 - 2016/06/??




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