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Lure coursing practice!

Last night I went to Lure coursingpractice with Elin and Marcus and their two RR-girls Souki (SEVCH Kadamo Heart Stopper) and Noomi (SEVCH Kadamo Fire in my Heart).
I used to do LC training with my girls when they were younger but since Ridgebacks are not allowed to compete in Sweden it was not easy to find opentrainings that we could attend.
So the past few years we have been to RR-race that are held on Greyhound ovaltracks. 
But last night it was time to try real LC again. 
Since I hope Mira is pregnant I decided not to let her race and Koya is too young, so it was my two experienced girls Moa (9 years) and Yaya (7 years) who got to do it.
And that very quicly realised what was up and definetely remember what to do! 
They got to run once each, the weather was very bad with rain and it all took so long so we did not stay for a second run this time. 
Happy to see that Moa's kids and grandkids also seem to love this! Thank you Marcus and Elin for the photos!


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