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2016 > 04

Kadamo Gold Rush "Tor" from my Gold-litter (Kayla x Idde) passed the aptitudetest in bloodtracking this weekend. This means that he can now start to compete in openclass and work his way towards his Bloodtracking Championtitle!
Tor was also X-rayed recently and unfortunately he did not get perfect scores. He got hips D/D and elbows 0/1. Tor does not show any signs of problems because of this and will hopefully live a long and happy life anyway! 
He was the 7th out of 8th in the litter to be X-rayed. They are now 5 all clear both hips and elbows and 2 not clear. Our US export will be X-rayed later on.

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Today it was time for Mira to compete in Obedienceclass 1 again. The competition was held in Bålsta and arranged by the Rottweilerclub.
Mira and I started as number one and she felt good. She did everything and thank god, this time no 0 points! The only thing I wasn't happy with was her fetching, she did not hold still but still got 8 points so not bad!
Mira recieved 178,5 points total (maximum score is 200 points and the limit for a first prize is 160 points), which took us all the way to a 2nd place in the competition!
So we ended our time in this class in ag reat way and I am more than happy! Now I will focus on Mira's mother Moa and hope that she will gain the same title this year!

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Today it was showtime again! I drove to Västerås not very far from where we live.  We attended the National Show today judged by Moa Persson, SWE. Breedentry 40+.
First out in puppyclass was Kadamo Always Aiming High "Django" who finished as 2nd Best malepuppy.
After him the official classes started and in juniorclass Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" recieved VG.
In Workingclass we had SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo You're the Boss "Bellman" who recieved Excellent and won the class, but without CQ today.
Time for Championclass and our last boy for the day, SEUCH FINCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter". He recieved Excellent and placed 2nd in the class with CQ and finished nicely 4th Best male!
Now time for the girls! For the first time I showed Koya in intermediateclass, she is only 15 months old but she did very well! She won the class with Excellent and CQ! 
Our second girl at the show was SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley "Tilly" who did very well winning the class with Excellent and CQ, so both her and Koya competing in Best Bitch! And our girls did well! Koya won and became Best bitch with her 3rd CAC and Tilly placed 4th Best Bitch.
Koya then got to compete against the Best male and today it was my girl that the judge thought was the prettiest ridgeback at the show! Koya Best of Breed!
So proud of my young girl, from 4 shows so far this year she has placed 2x BOB, 1x BOS and has 3x CAC! Not to bad!
I did not stay for the finals this time.

Thank you all for the company today, also to Ebba and owners who came and cheered for us!

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The most horrible thing has happend... Our sweet sweet young boy Lilleman (Kadamo As Good As Gold) was poisioned yesterday. During their walk he ate meatballs that he found and started to vomit and not be himself. He was taken to the vet and they discovered he had been poisoned with glukol. His kidneys stopped working and today he was put to sleep.
I feel absolutely devastated... How could this happen? Who does something like that?! This was a young boy who had years and years of his life left to live. He has gone way to soon!
My thought are with his family trough this difficult time!
Rest in peace Lilleman, you will never be forgotten, forever in our hearts!

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We have a new Champion! Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" from my Drinks-litter (Moa x Argos) won her third 1st prize in Openclass bloodtracking the other day which gave her the SEVCH title, Swedish Bloodtracking Champion!
Conratulations to her owners for the great work!

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This pass Sunday after I competed in Obedience with Moa and Mira (both recieved 152 points, 2nd prize, Moa finished 2nd in her class and Mira 4th in hers), we met up with 6 out of 8 om my High-litter puppies and owners. We started out in the indoor doghall for some showtraining. The weather wasn't supposed to be good but luckily for us it wasn't that bad and we could head to the woods for some bloodtracking! For some of them it was for the very first time and they did so well, all of them!
Thank you all for coming and for a great day! Hope to see all of you again soon!

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It is still several months away, but I could not resist to let you all know about my next puppyplans! For the second time my own lovely girl "Mira" will be a mother. She did a great job with her first litter summer/fall 2015 (High-litter) and I am sure she will be a wonderful mother once again.
Her new boyfriend is the lovely and handsome male "Boy" from Russia. Visit the Planned I-litter page for lots of more information and photos.
If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact me trough email at karin@kadamo.se.

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Because of lack of time I haven't been able to update with the last few weeks great results for Kadamo. 
To start off we now have only two more dogs from the Gold-litter to be X-rayed. Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" and Kadamo As Good As Gold "Lilleman" both scored hips B/B and elbows 0/0. So far all but one (Koya) is X-rayed clear!

Last weekend two of our boys did some bloodtracking. SEUCH FINCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" recieved his second 1st prize in Openclass and Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" passed his aptitudetest. Congratulations boys!

Today I competed in Obedienceclass 1 with Mira. I felt the nerves in the morning and pressure since she would get the LP1 title today if she would gain another 1st prize. 
She started off by not being completely focused which lost us some points. She also did not lay down on my first command which gave us 0 points. Other than that she did pretty well and we ended up with 155,5 points, only 4,5 points away from the 1st prize and title....
Still this gave us a 4th place out of all the dogs, so still happy with that. We get a new chance next weekend so just hope our nerves will be better then!

Today was also the day when SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo Penny Lane "Meya" and her owner Emma gained their first qualifing run in Rallyobedience Advanced class! They were only 2 points away from getting two qualifying runs! Great job Emma! 

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