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Enya has started her heat!

A couple of days ago I went to visit "Enya" SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet who will be the mother of our upcoming F-litter. I  haven't seen her for a little while so just wanted to go and give her some kisses!
And something must have happend during my visit... because today when I went to meet her and her owner Ove for a little walk she started her heat! And the first blood came/was found during their walk to meet me!
So now this great and very exciting journey finally begins! We will start with taking a bloodtest to check her progesteronelevel by the end of next week. Depending on what it says I will start to prepare for our long long drive to Stavanger in Norway to meet handsome daddy to be, "Leo" NUCH Kangelani's Gentle Leo Son of Clay.
If you want to know more about this upcoming litter, the parents, photos and videos go to F-litter page. You can also follow everything that happens trough the F-litter Pregnancy Diary!


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