My dogs

Dando is my very first ridgeback and my first dog. He is and will always be the "one and only" and I know I will never get another dog like him!
Dando is not a showdog but we have competed in obedience, bloodtracking and rallyobedience instead! 

Moa is my second ridgeback. After having a male I wanted a girl in the family! Moa has fullfilled many of my hopes and dreams. She has been titled in both shows, rallyobedience and bloodtracking and she is a proud mother of two gorgeous litters here at kennel Kadamo, the B- and D-litter.

Yaya is the third addition the kennel. Yaya achieved more success than I could have dreamed for at the shows and has also been successful in bloodtracking, obedience and rallyobedience. I love her to death and she is the one of my dogs who would walk trough fire to be with me! She is always by my side!


Mira is the fourth addition to our pack and she is the first dog I have kept at home from my own breeding. She is very special to me, since her mum is my girl Moa and this was her last litter, the Elvis-litter. Mira's dad is also the sire of my other girl Yaya, making Mira and Yaya halfsisters.
So Mira is the result of a mix of my two girls and of course I have high hopes for her future. But most of all I feel blessed to have my two wonderful girls Moa and Yaya combined into one, Mira.
I know they will teach her everything they know, both good and bad!