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Welcoming the latest addition to our pack!

On Tuesday night the 19th of August I gave birth to a baby girl at 23.49 pm. Our little princess weighed 2910 grams and were 49 cm long. (We haven't decided her name yet.)
We have now been home from the hospital for almost a week and we are starting to find some routines. The dogs have taken the change very well, they are curious and want to sniff her but still being gentle and careful.
I am unfortunately not allowed to go for any long walks or even stand and sit for very long, so I spend most of the days in bed. Hopefully I will be back on my feet in a few more weeks!
So for now it is Christoffer who is being the more fun dogowner taking the girls to the woods while me, our baby girl and Dando stays at home.
Yesterday and today I got to go for short walks with the whole family around the neighbourhood, not the same as going to the woods but still nice with some fresh air.
Below are a few pictures of our now bigger pack!

I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for your congratulations and best wishes!


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