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On Sunday I took Maddox and Tiya with me to the Nordic Show in Gimo, judge Eva Jönsson. Maddox won the intermediateclass with EXC and CQ and went all the way to 2nd Best Male with R-CAC and R-Nord CAC. The judge said lots of lovely things about him but placed him second because she thought he carried his tail to high when moving.
Tiya was placed 2nd in openclass with EXC and CQ and also placed 2nd Best Bitch with R-CAC and R-Nord CAC. Very happy with both dogs top placements but still so close to the CAC we wanted. New chance next weekend!

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The Nissan-litter (Heera x Dexter) turned 7 weeks old yesterday and we had our last photoshoot before they move to their new families next week. Today we only had time for stacks, check out the Puppy Diary to see them.

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The Nissan-litter is now 6 weeks old and yesterday we had a photoshoot with them all outside. Check out the Puppy Diary for their individual photos.

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I am very happy that the weather has finally changed for the better, and we have had a couple of days with sunshine and nicer temperatures. This means that our N-litter who is 5,5 weeks old has been able to enjoy a lot of time outdoors, playing, exploring, eating and sleeping.
I have updated with new mixed photos in the Puppy Diary.

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On Sunday it was time for the M-litters third puppyclass. So nice to see them again, they are growing so fast. When having a litter of small puppies at home at the same time these guys just appear bigger! All puppies did well and starting to get a hang of things. We had a small photoshoot afterwards for some new individual photos of each pup.

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Vi har en hane på 5 år som söker efter ett nytt hem. Han bor i flock med tikar och en annan hane idag men skulle nog trivas bäst som ensam hund där han får familjens all uppmärksamhet. 
Gillar människor och barn, bra med andra djur men inte förtjust i andra hundar som han inte känner. Lugn och trygg hemma, kan dock öppna dörrar och ta för sig ibland på köksbänkar... 
Tränat en del lydnad, viltspår och framgångsrik inom utställning. 
Vill du veta mer så maila mig till karin@kadamo.se.

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