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On Su day Leo (SEUCH FINCH NOUCH DKUCH SEW-23 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEJW-22 SEW-22 CIB-J SEVCH Kadamo Can Y' See It Now) and his owner Malin made their debute in Championclass. Leo won the class, was placed as Best male with Nordic CAC and later Best of Breed! They stayed for the groupfinals where he placed nicely 4th! Congratulations and very well done!

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This past weekend I had a big event together with dogs I have bred during the past 15 years. The oldest dog present was Meya from my B-litter now 14 years old! 
During these 15 years I have had 16 litters which means 163 registered puppies. Of course many of them are not with us anymore due to age or illness, but many of them are and I am so happy that I get to see them at activities like this!
So I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who attended during one or both days this weekend. I am so glad to be able to see my "pups" and you, all their lovely owners. I really hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!
If I have counted correctly we had 38 dogs attending during Satuday and Sunday, and even more people. 

On Saturday we were at VHS, Västerås Hundkappbana were we got to try dogracing on their beautiful track. Thank you for having us again and for your great assistance and for the food you served.
We also got to learn and try specialsearch for red kong in guidance of Marita Teräs, thank you so much! 
My collegue Emmelie Cronlund from work at Arken Zoo Veterinärklinik talked to us about First Aid for dogs and everyone got to learn the basics to evaluate their dogs in both everyday and emergency situations. Thank you Emmelie!

In the race we had three top winners and fun enough all from the same litter. On 1st place we had Nelson with 7,69 sec. On 2nd place we had Bosse with 7,91 sek and very close behind on 3rd place we had their sister Nada with 7,92 sec.
Congratulations to you all winners!

On Sunday we headed to Bergahundar hinderbana outside of Uppsala. There we got to learn about and try out canicross, bikejoaring, weightpull and canineobsticle coarse. 
It was all so much fun and the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves too. Such great way to build up both confidence in your dog but also the team and relationship you have with your dog. 
When we were done their we got a little lecture in preventive healthcare for dogs, stretching, massage and physical training with our favourite Emma Pettersson. Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge with us Emma!

After lunch we headed down to Fyrisån in Uppsala where we got to try Stand Up Paddle board together with our dogs. It was so much fun and the dogs seemed to enjoy it too. I think only one dog jumped off the board, the rest sat or laid on it while cruising down the stream.
Thank you to Jennie and John at Bergahundar for a nice arranged day! 

I have around 200-250 pictures below taken by me, Jenni, Christoffer, Ellen and Bergahundar. Thank you all for helping me take pictures!

I want to say a big thank you to our sponsors for the nice gifts everyone has gotten this weekend. Thank you to Olivers Petfood, Virbac, Skin Agent, Back on track, Granngården Enköping, Arken Zoo Veterinärklinik, Agria, Jakke Röntynen and Lotta Tembert.

I already look forward to celebrate 20 years with a new dogweekend! 

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SEVCH Kadamo Sentra "Luna" from the Nissan-litter (Heera x Dexter) and her owner Jakke won their second diploma in NW1 this weekend. She won the outside search in 15 seconds and finished 6th place in total. Very well done team Luna! Congratulations and best of luck working for that third and final diploma for the NW1 title!

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On Sunday it was time for the second show of the weekend. This time we drove to Gimo and attended the international dogshow judged by Maritha Östlund Holmsten, SWE.
First out was Kadamo The Great Escape "Sengo" did his showdebute in juniorclass. He recieved EXC and was placed 4th in the class and behaved so well together with owner/handler Anna. 
After him we had SEW-23 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEJW-22 SEW-22 CIB-J SEUCH FINCH DKUCH NUCH SEVCH Kadamo Can Y' See It Now  "Leo" in openclass (he is a champion now but was entered before he got the last CAC). Today Leo was shown by hiw owner Malin who did very well and they won the openclass and placed 4th Best male. 
Time for the girls and three sisters in the juniorclass. First off was me with Kadamo A Million Dreams "Tosca" who got EXC and placed 4th in the class. After us we had Kadamo Cover Me in Sunshine "Juni" who did very well shown by her owner Ellen, but was a bit uncomfortable showing her teeth so only a Good today. Last one out was Kadamo The Truth About Love "Stella" showed by her owner Linda and they also did very nicely and got a VG and no placement today.
In openclass I showed Kadamo Keep the Dream Alive "Nada" and she did very well in the ring and recieved EXC and placed 2nd with CQ, no placement in Best Bitch.
Last one out was their mum SEVCH FINCH Kadamo Comin' Home "Tiya" who recieved EXC and placed 4th with CQ but no placement in Best Bitch. 
Today we also entered a Breedersgroup and a Progencygroup which both recieved Excellent comments from the judge placing 1st with HP. 
Thank you to all my wonderful puppybuyers who attended for a very nice day around the ring!

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They did it! They got their last needed "stick" to complete the title for Diploma Jump class 1, Linda and Nacho (SEVCH RLDN AGD1 AGHD1 Kadamo Live Life Like Timon).  Nacho is from my Lion King-litter (Mira x Colin). 
Not only did they got one stick they got two, and also placed 1st in one start and 2nd twice! 
Nacho is the second Swedish Ridgeback to win this title! Well done Linda and Nacho!

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