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The Puppy Diary has been updated with the new individual photos of the puppies 4 weeks old.

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This weekend I have spend some time in the woods with some of my breedings and their owners. On Saturday the dogs tracking was Tiya, and her older sister Daisy and their niece Kelly and on Sunday it was Tiya, then her uncle Dexter and cousin Argos aswell as her niece Siri.
Very proud of all the dogs who did well and two our two new Champions! Congratulations Tomas!
Their results:
- Kadamo Comin' Home "Tiya": 2x 1st prizes and 1 Honour Prize
- SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again "Daisy": 1st prize
- SEUCH DKCH FINCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter": 1st prize, Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
- Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos": 1st prize, Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
- Kadamo Runs with Raksha "Siri": 1st prize
- Kadamo Watch Out for Kaa "Kelly": stopped in the middle, to distracted this time

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The Puppy Diary is updated with new photos of the puppies 3,5 weeks old!

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My grand old lady, queen Kadamo celebrates becoming 13 years and 6 months old today. Every day I get to have Moa her with me is a reason to celebrate. Her body is getting older but she is still happy. Just a couple of days ago she was out in the woods bloodtracking with no problems, her nose is still working well!
I know I have her on overtime and we treasure every minute we get! I hope we will get to celebrate your 14th Birthday in 6 months!

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Today we celebrate our own girl Koya and her siblings from the Gold-litter (Kayla x Idde) who turns 5 years today! Koya is our silly pup who I think will never grow up completely!
I wish you all the siblings a wonderful day and send kisses to our angels Lilleman and Zoie. Koya's photoalbum is updated!

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