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Yesterday it was finally time for the Pink-litters 1 year Birthday party! We had a very nice day in the woods with a walk, some playtime, tracking and of course new photos!
I was so happy that 12 out of 15 puppies was able to make it! Thank you all for coming and hope to see you again soon!
Some new photos below and also their litter page is updated now.

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Today our youngest girl Kadamo A Million Dreams "Tosca" turn 1 year old together with all her siblings from the Pink-litter (Tiya x Ari). Congratulations to all of you, look forward to meet many of you at our Pink-litter birthday party in a couple of weeks. Until then I hope you get lots of presents and treats!

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I have recieved new photos of many of the Pink-litter puppies (Tiya x Ari). In one month they turn 1 year old already, time has gone by so fast! Some photos below of Alfred, Juni, Loui, Missy, Nala, Riley, Sengo, Stella, Sören, Thor and Uma. 

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Daughter and Mother <3 Kadamo A Million Dreams "Tosca" and SEVCH FINCH Kadamo Comin' home "Tiya", really made in the same model! They are so similar in type, always find this amazing when some puppies turns out so much like their parents. Sometimes it is in bodystructure, sometimes a head or expression, sometimes bodylanguage or behaviours. 

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LD Startklass Kadamo I Am Bagheera "Heera" from the Jungle book-litter (Segra x Khan) has won her workingdogclubs reward for Best Obediencedog 2023! She was also placed 2nd Best among all Swedish Ridegebacks. 
Great work Mina and Heera and I hope you get more great results this year too!

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Nu söker Nils (Kadamo Roll With It) ett nytt hem utanför storstan. Nils är en korrekt okastrerad hane på 2 år som vill bo i ett lugnt område gärna på landet med en trygg och hunderfaren ägare. 
Läs mer om honom HÄR.

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1-2 Juni 15-års Jubileumshelg!

Västerås Kapplöpningsbana med race på rakbana, prova specialsök och första hjälpen.

Bergahundar Uppsala med hinderbana/biathlon, canicross, drag, SUP, vandring och stretching/massage.

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25 augusti Kadamo Mästerskapen i viltspår i Årsunda

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