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New individual photos of the puppies who is now 3 weeks old in the Puppy Diary.

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Heera is today on day 28 of her pregnancy and has been on ultrasound, which confirmed that she is pregnant! So in 5 weeks we are expecting puppies again here at Kadamo!
Read more in the Pregnancy & Puppy Diary.

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The Puppy Diary is updated with lots of new photos. Check it out!

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Yesterday morning when we woke up I noticed that Mr Blue was holding his right hindleg lifted, avoiding to put it down. I suspected that Segra had stepped on him during the night. I was not able to get an appointment with any of the veterinary clinics in Enköping or Västerås yesterday so today I took him to the emergancyroom at Strömsholm to have him examined and X-rayed. 
He unfortunately had a fractur so tomorrow he is scheudeled for surgery.
The plan is to put in a plate and hopefully it won't affect the bones growthzones so he will heal well and not be affected by this in the future.
Our sweet little boy, so brave all the hours he had to be away from his mum and sisters. Updates on how he does tomorrow will come!

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In Sweden we still don't have any dogshows but you can enter a exterior assessment. A judge will do it like a dogshow but you don't compete against ay other dogs. You only get your own dog evaulated. 
This was the first time for Maddox and he behaved well. He needs more training but I am pleased with him. He received Excellent with CQ and lovely words from the judge Birgitta Svarstad.
At the same day Kadamo Rule Like Mufasa "Hector" was shown for the very first time and he recieved Excellent with great comments from the judge. He needs more training to run around the ring to get the CQ, but that will come!

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