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Great health/genetic testresults for Mira! Clear for DM and Hemophilia B!

Last week I send in a bloodsample to Laboklin in Germany for a couple of healthtest for Mira. I am not expecting her to be sick at all I just wanted to test her for a couple of genetic diseases before I start making breeding plans for her.
I tested her for DM (degenerative myelopathy) Hemophilia B (factor IX).

Her results:
DM: genotype N/N clear (homozygous normal) 
Hemophilia B: genotype female X (N)/(X) N clear N/N (homozygous normal)

Interpretation DM: 
The dog is homozygous normal concerning the intact SOD1-gene. The dog does not carry the mutation in the exon 2 of SOD1 that is suggested to be a major riskfactor for the development of Degenerative Myelopathy. The dog can only pass the normal gene on to all its offsprings.
Read more about this disease here: 

Interpretation Hemophilia B:
The analyzed  dog is homozygous normal concerning the intact gene. It is a noncarrier of  the defected gene (X-chromosomal inherited factor IX deficiency resulting in haemophilia B). This dog can not pass the mutation on to its offspring.
Read more about this disease here:


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