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Today I met up with six of the puppies from my Oasis-litter (Tiya x Maddox) with both their mum Tiya and dad Maddox also present. We had a wonderful walk in the sunshine, even though I would say most owners struggled with the not pulling on the lead part... ;) 
Of course I took the opportunity to get some photos of all of them, and I think they are all beautiful! 
Thank you everyone who was able to attend today, wonderful to see you all again. Look forward to lots of fun with this bunch this year both in the showring but also in the woods tracking and more.
Above is a little collage of the stacks we took with photos also of mother and father. Not everyone understood exactly what I wanted them to do but still we got some sort of stack of everyone.

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Today it was time for me and some of my puppybyers to try some agility. I have done it before but it is a few years ago and never tried with Tiya and Hailey, who got to come along today.
Linda and SEVCH Kadamo Live Life Like Timon "Nacho" competes and trains agility so they help us out today guiding us through the different obstacles. 
We were a total of 9 dogs aged between 1 and 12 years! So wonderful to see all the dogs having fun together with their owners and being brave on the balanceobstacles!
Thank you all for participating and I hope we can do it again!

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My Oasis-litter (Tiya x Maddox) just turned 1 year old and they can finally start to get their hip and elbow X-rays done. First out was SEW-22 SEJW-22 Kadamo Force of Nature "Penny" who got the best possible result! So happy about this, just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside! Look forward to see the results of her siblings as they get their X-rays done during the spring! 

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Today at work I made an ultrasound on Tiya and I am happy to say that I could confirm that she is pregnant with Ari! I saw plenty of tiny little puppies in there, did not even bother in trying to count. Her apetite is even bigger than normal but other than that not much showing yet. 
Now we just cross fingers that she will continue to feel well and that in 6 weeks we will meet a lovely bunch of healthy and strong puppies! 
More pictures in the Pregnancy Diary.

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Today is day 20 after Tiya was inseminated with Ari. Hard to say if she is showing any signs of beeing pregnant yet... all signs could also mean false pregnancy. I think I will make an early ultrasound on her at work tomorrow, I am too curious to wait until the end of the week!

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We have had some nice days with sunshine this past couple of weeks so my camera has gotten to come along on some of our walks. I am longing for spring and warmer temperatures but at least winter is ok when we get some sun!
Tiya is today on day 15 after her inseminations with Ari. Still to early to say if it has been successful. She is feeling fine and I am keeping fingers crossed for some good news in a week or two!
Some mixed pictures of my pack below!

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On Monday when we were in Denmark to inseminate Tiya with Shumbazino Fifth Star Arminius "Ari" we had some hours during the day to spend with him. So of course I took the opportunity to take a lot of photos of him. The weather was quite changing but we had a nice walk by a lake and got photos at a few different places and also saw some sun.
I have updated his own album with even more photos which you can see here
But below are some of the photos for you to enjoy.

More info about this upcoming litter can be found under Planned P-litter. Welcome to email if you are interested in a puppy!
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