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Looking back at 2014!

Every year I try to write a little summary of the year that has passed, to just remember some of the highlights for me, my own dogs and my breedings.
Now, having soooo many wonderful dogs and owners out there it is hard to mention everything. But below are at least an attempt of summery of some of our biggest highlights this year! 
Thank you to all my puppybyers for giving me a reason to write this every year and for filling my homepage with lots of great results and lovely photos! 
I wish you all the best for 2015!

What a great year we have had! As always I am happy to see some of my gorgeous breedings running around showing off in the rings around the world. I myself haven't been extremely active with shows this year but still more than happy with the results of my own girls.
This year Kadamodogs have earned as follows:

7x CAC (Mira x1, Elvis x6)
7x R-CAC (Mira x1, Loke x1, Dexter x1, Elvis x4)
3x CACIB (Mira x1, Elvis x2)
1x R-CACIB (Tilly x1)
Several Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex  placements (Moa, Mira, Elvis, I've lost count!)
BISS at Specialityshow for Elvis
SEVW-14 - Swedish Veteran Winner-14 for Moa
2x BIG-2 (Elvis)
3x Best of Breed Veteran (Moa)
1x Best of Breed petclass (Zimba)
1x Best Opposite Sex petclass (Zimba)
3x Best of Breed Puppy (Nixon x2, Soya x1)
3x Best Opposite Sex Puppy (Arrax x2, Nixon x1)
2x BIS-4 Puppy (Soya x1, Nixon x1)

I am extremely proud to have so many dogs being active and successful in bloodtracking. This year they have together earned, if I remember correctly, as follows:

39x 1st prizes in openclass
(Moa, Yaya, Mira, Bellman, Isidor, Attila, Charlie, Souki, Meya, Nixon, Bilbo, Zeppelin, Diezel, Masai)
2x Honour Prizes (Bellman and Mira)
3x Swedish Bloodtracking Champions SEVCH (Nixon, Bellman and Diezel)
2x Norwegian Bloodtracking Champions NVCH (Moa and Yaya)
Several placements on the list of Top Bloodtracking Ridgebacks in Sweden 2014:
#4 Bellman
#5 Moa, and Yaya
#7 Mira
#13 Nixon
#14 Charlie and Souki
#18 Meya
#23 Diezel
#26 Attila
(out of 43 dogs)

I love working with my dogs and I am so very happy and proud to see some of my breedings and their owners taking the step out on the competive scene and competing in Rallyobedience. Together this year they have earned as follows:

7x qualifying results in Noviceclass (Nixon, Bellman and Lotus)
7x qualifying results in Graduateclass (Mira and Meya)
3x New RLDN (Bellman, Lotus and Nixon)
2x New RLDF (Mira and Meya)
Four of these dogs were placed on the list of Top Rallyobedience Ridgeback in Sweden 2014:
#6 Mira
#9 Meya
#12 Nixon
#13 Bellman

1x LC CAC (Myy)
1x LC winner (Myy)
1x 2nd place (Myy)

Except for this my Elvis-litter and Fire-litter are now all X-rayed with very nice results. We have also recieved nice healthtestresults with all good results for some of my breedings. 
Parts of the Elvis-litter also did their BPH (mentality) test this year with good results.

I am very happy with all our lovely results for 2014. In many ways I will look back at this year and smile from the memories. 
2014 was also the year that I gave birth to my own daughter Ellen, but also said goodbye to my greatest love Dando. So in many ways I have mixed feelings about this year, but overall I am happy, and I know Dando in some way will always be with me, a dog like that never leaves your heart.

I now look forward with 2015 already starting off in a wonderful way! Keep checking in for latest news from the Kadamopack!


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