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Tiya has started her heat! Our P-litter is soon in the making!

Today Tiya started her heat! A few weeks earlier than expected but since we have Hailey in heat at home at the moment she probably jumpstarted Tiya. 
We are now planning and making arrangement for his litter to take place. Most likely we will do a insemination with fresh chilled semen which will be sent from Germany. More info and updates will come in a couple of weeks when Tiya is hopefully ready to the AI! 
More info about the upcoming litter on the Planned P-litter page. You can also see a lot more of Tiya on her own page. 
The P-litter now also has it's own Pregnancy & Puppy Diary. Check it out and stay tuned!

If you are interested in this combination don't hesitate to send me an email! 




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