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Mira finished her RLDF-title today!

Today it was time for Mira and me to compete in rallyobedience Graduateclass hopefully for the last time. The weather was very warm which affected many of the dogs, including Mira.
She felt good as I was warming up but as soon as we stepped onto the field I felt her focus disappear...
I know Mira can do soooo well when she is focused, she keeps constant eyecontact and has a good healposition, but not today. She was sniffing the ground and didn't listen to some of my commands right away making us loose points...
But, despite me not being all saticfied with this run we managed to get 80 points which was enough for a qualifying run and a 9th place out of 16 dogs.
This was Mira's third qualifying run which gave her the RLDF title! (Rallyobedience Graduate Diploma)
Below you can see the video from today's competition. I had put the camera on a stand so that is why it is not zoomed in and also that we walk out of the frame for a bit...


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