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Meya got her Rallyobediencetitle in Advanced class- RLDA!

This weekend our rallyobediencestars Emma and RDLN RLDF SEVCH Kadamo Penny Lane "Meya" from the Beatles-litter (Moa x Wilson) competed once again in Advanced class.
They had two starts and already after the first one which they passed they won their new title, RLDA Rallyobedicence Diploma Advanced Class!
They did compete a second time the same day and passed that one too! I am so happy to have a puppyowner with the interest and determination to get this kind of result with her dog!
I will always treasure your commitment to Meya! 
Meya is the first Kadamo dog to compete in this class so very proud that she managed to gain the title!
BIG congratulations to you Emma! So well deserved! We look forward to seeing the two of you in Mastersclass! ;-)




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