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I do think I can now dare to say it, but spring is here! We have been able to enjoy several nice days with sunshine the past few weeks and both me and the dogs are loving it! It is just so much nicer to be out for long walks when the weather is this nice.
Three days a week a get off work just after lunch and can enjoy a nice long walk before picking up my daughter from daycare and starting our daily routines. And that walk is just so nice! Just me and the dogs, and now and then some lovely company from friends. Recently we have been able to match our walks with Camilla and SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet "Enya" (from my B-litter, mother to my F-litter).
Below are some mixed photos from some of our walks!

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This week we have been in the south of Sweden and celebrated Easter with my husbands family. I took one halfday and drove about one hour to Glumslöv were I met up with Malin and Idde (sire of my Gold- and High-litter) aswell as Mira and Idde's lovely daughter Selma (Kadamo High Expectations) and her owners.
We went for a nice walk and found our way down to the beach. Once we were back by the cars the sun was shining and of course I had to get some new photos of them all, especially Selma who I don't see that often because of the distance.
In my eyes she is a real daddy-look-a-like, unlike some of her siblings. Later in April we are having a puppy get together with the whole litter (except for my  Scotland export Kadamo Ready to Fly High "Red"). Can't wait to get new photos of all of them then!
Until then you can enjoy some photos from our date below!

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This weekend I took a trip with my family to Estonia and Latvia. We took the ferry on Thursday afternoon to Tallinn were we spend a few hours in nice weather walking around Old Town. It was windy and freezing cold and even though it was sunny we struggled to enjoy ourselves so started our drive towards Riga in Latvia.
We stopped for a nice walk in the woods on the way before arriving in our hotel in the evening in time for dinner and then rest.
On Saturday we went to the first day of two of the International Dogshow in Riga, today judged by Jan Coppens, breedentry 20.
Mira recieved Excellent and was placed as 3rd Best Championbitch.
On Sunday the show was judged by Liliane de Ridder-Onghena and breedentry was 21.
Mira today aswell recieved Excellent and CQ, finished 3rd in Championclass and 4th Best Bitch. Only one dog from the CAC...
After the show we drove out of the city and went for a nice walk on the beach and for the first time this weekend enjoying temperatures above 0 and more sunshine again!
On Monday we woke up to snow and had a bit of a relaxing morning at the hotel before it was time for us to check out. After that we drove to Old Town in Riga and walked around for a couple of hours and had some lunch. After this we still had some time before it was time to be on the ferry so we drove to Jurmala which we had heard nice things about.
All the way there it was snow/raining and cold but once we got there I stepped out on the beach the sun started to break trough the clouds.
We took a short walk before driving through the neighbourhood and watching all the big and beautiful houses. After this we headed back to Riga and got on to the ferry and had a nice buffé dinner and watch a movie before we all passed out in our beds!

Even though we did not get the results at the show that we wanted we had a nice time meeting lovely people and dogs aswell as doing a little bit of sightseeing!
A big thank you to all the friendly people we met around the ring this weekend! Hope to see you all in Sweden one day!

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I had the feeling this was coming... 1 year ago when the GOLD-litter (Kayla x Idde) was born there was a special little girl, Ms Red who stood out. She and my then very young daughter Ellen seemed to have a connection and I had less than 6 months earlier lost my precious first Ridgeback, Dando. 
So the decision was not very difficult, Ms Red was named Koya and became a new member of our pack. 
Koya was right from the start and eyecatching dog. She is a very sweet girl with lots of beauty! 
Right from the start she got the attention of the judges and at her first show as a junior she won the Norwegian JuniorWinner -15 title aswell as R-CAC and 4th Best Bitch.
After that she has also gained Best Bitchplacements in Sweden and in Finland, and has 1 Finnish CAC and 2 Swedish CAC. 
Her highligts so far being so young was winning Best Bitch BOTH days at MyDog this year, day one as BOS and day two all the way to Best of Breed, BIG-1 and also BIS-5, only a week away from her 1st Birthday!
Koya is also a true workingdog with a lot of personality from her mother. She started doing Bloodtracking early and gained her Swedish Bloodtracking Championtitle less than 1 year old. 
I hope she will become a good obediencedog aswell and our goals is both Rallyobedience and Obedienceclass 1.
When you get a dog like this, you can't help but to think right from the start that things will go wrong somewhere down the line... 
And for us it did... when it was time for X-rays. Koya is the 4th dog from her litter to be X-rayed, so far the others has been clear but Koya is not. Koya has very loose hips and they were graded as D. She also got the grade 1 on her elbows.
This of course means that Koya will never be used in breeding. The saddest thing is that I know that this comes as a great disappointment to not only me, but to many others out there who has also fallen in love with her and hoping to one day own a little piece of her themselves.
So I am very sad to share these news with you... Sometimes things just doesn't go as planned...
Koya will hopefully not ever have a problem from her hips or elbows and be able to live and active and normal life as great dog in all other aspects!

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This weekend CZCH KCHRR CH Kadamo It's Now or Never "Elvis" was shown in Pecs, Hungary.
First day Elvis won Best Male, CAC, Best of Breed, CACIB and also BIG-2!! This gave him his CIB-title (International show champion). This is the first Kadamodog to recieve this title so I am extra proud!
On the second day of showing he won the CAC and also R-CACIB and completed his Hungarian Championtitle aswell! 
An amazing weekend for team Elvis! Big congratulations to his owner/handler Sárka!

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Yesterdau it was time for the International Dogshow in Strängnäs. Judge was Mr Jens Myrman, SWE and breedentry was 70.
First out was little boy Kadamo Always Aiming High "Django" in puppyclass. He had a bit of trouble to stand still but got a very nice and promising critique from the judge and finished 2nd Best malepuppy.
In Juniorclass we had brothers Kadamo Gold Rush "Tor" and Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" who also struggled to stand still today... This judge seemed to have very little patient with this and Tor recived VG but still finished nicely 2nd in the class.
Brother Argos was the only one in the class to recieve Excellent and he was also placed as Best Juniormale.
In Workingclass handsome SEVCH Kadamo Devil in Disguise "Isidor" showed very well winning the class with CQ.
In openclass I had to lovely boys, Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" and BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke". Arrax only recieved VG today but Loke recieved Excellent and finished very nicely as 2nd Best Openclassmale with CQ. 
In Championclass we had SEUCH FINCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" who recieved Excellent but was unplaced in the class today.
None of my boys was placed in Best Male today but still happy with overall very nice results!

Time for the girls and me and SEVCH NOJW-15 Kadamo I'm in it for the Gold "Koya" in juniorclass. Koya showed very well and won the class with CQ. 
In the largest class of the day, openclassbitches we had Kadamo Lights My Fire "Soya" and this lovely lady did great today winning the class with CQ and finishing 4th Best Bitch with her first CAC!
We entered with a Breedersgroup (Loke, Isidor, Soya and Koya) and we finished 2nd with HP.

Thank you to my lovely Kadamofamily for the company and a very nice day! Congratulations to all of you and see you again soon!

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This weekend I got to meet lovely Leah (Kadamo I'm on Fire) from my Fire-litter (Enya x Leo). Leah has not been to any dogshows yet but this year it is time for this sweet girl to start showing off!
Look forward to enter the rings with her later this spring!
Below are some new photos of her for all of you to enjoy!

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Today me and a group of puppybyers had booked the indoor dogarena in Upplands Väsby. We had two hours of showtraining, socialisation, rallyobedience and obediencetraining.
Next week it is time for the first show of the year for most of them and todays practise went well! 
Since Mira is in heat at the moment we are waiting for our next obediencecompetition in April. Then I will also start with her mother Moa, who I have not competed with in obedience since 2009. Now it is time to try to gain that LP1 (Obediencediploma 1) with her aswell!
After that I will start to work more with Koya and hopefully start to compete in Rallyobedience in the summer! 
So have a lot of fun things to practise for this year!

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A few days ago Kadamo Digging for Gold "Boba" from my Gold-litter (Kayla x Idde) was X-rayed and his pictures has been evaluated by the Swedish Kennelclub. He got the best possible result, hips A/A and elbows 0/0! Congratulations Freda!
I look forward to get the rest of the litter X-rayed during the next few months!

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