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Mira's second qualifying start in Rallyobedience Graduateclass!

Today it was time for me and Mira to compete in Rallyobedience Graduateclass again. We haven't been practising anything since our last competition since I have been on vacation and we have had busy days since we got home.
On Friday Mira had her BPH-test and yesterday dogshow in Norrköping. I don't think she acted tired today but she wasn't focused as she normally is, but despite this did a decent run. I am not too happy with our run since I know she can do so much better, but at least she got 83 points out of 100 and that was enough for a 7th place out of 18 dogs and her second qualifying run.
I haven't entered her to any more competitions because most of them is when we are away doing something else this summer. But hopefully I can find one or two more so she can finish her RLDF title this summer!


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