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Tiya Swedish Bloodtracking Champion!

Yesterday I took Tiya and Moa for a roadtrip. We went to the westcoast and took the opportunity to start in openclass bloodtrack with Tiya, who only needed one more 1 st prize to complete her championtitle. She did so well! She tracked in about 18 minutes in a good steady pace the whole way with pretty no faults on the way. She got her first prize and the judge said she was close to a Honours Prize aswell! So let me introduce you to SEVCH Kadamo Comin' Home!
Moa also got to chew a bit on her hoof but also used her nose and found a wildboar skin near where I parked my car. Her hearing might be very bad now but her nose is still working just fine!
Of course both girls got to celebrate with icecream!




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