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Mira's kick ass debute in Rallyobedience!

Early this morning I packed all my things and the dogs and said goodbye to our cabin in Kläppen were I have been since Tuesday evening. Me and the dogs have enjoyed some great days hiking in the mountains, I promise I will share the photos with you as soon as I have gone trough them.
But back to today! 
I drove to Dala-Floda where I had entered Mira in her first two Rallyobedience competitions. Dogs has to be 10 months to compete and Mira is today 10 months and 1 week old! She is without a doubt the youngest dog I have ever competed with and most likely she was one if not the youngest dog at todays competition, so my expectations wasn't too high.
She is very good and obedient but not used to practise in an environment with so many dogs and people, so I saw today as a good practice for the future.
But Mira exceeded all my expectations! Her first entry went well, she put her nose down smelling the signs or ground a few times but other than that no big faults. This gave her a total score of 93 points out of 100! Everything above 70 points is needed to pass, so she was well over! Happy!
Her next start was for another judge and a little bit more difficult, but she did well again. Less smelling, though a bit tired so a little bit slower but still good. Unbelievably she scored 98 points (!!!) out of 100 which also took her all the way to a 3rd place out of 56 entered dogs!
My little young princess making it to the top among all those obedient and talented dogs! 
I would lie if I said that I am not over the moon happy about this! 
Mira is already at this very young age proving to be a wonderful and versatile workingdog, just what my goal is in breeding! So I must have succeeded!
Mira now only needs one more competition with a result above 70 points to get the RLDN title (Rallyobedience Noviceclass Diploma). I truly hope she can get that before winter comes so we can start practising for Graduateclass in the spring!
I have no dogshows planned for her this fall, we are keeping busy with bloodtracking and obedience for now instead!

Below you can see videos from today. The first one is from her very first run where she scored 93 points and the one below that is the second run where she got 98 points.


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