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This past weekend it was time for our last show abroad for this year. It was in Norway and the Norwegian Winner Show in Lilleström. Judge was Sandra Piscedda, Italy and breed entry around 65.
In Juniorclass males I had two of Mira's sons entered. I was more than happy to have them both recieve Excellent and place in the veryt top as 1st and 2nd in the class, the only two with CQ.
Winner was Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" who got the title NOJW-16! Congratulations Petra! Second was SEVCH Kadamo Always Aiming High "Django".
Both boys with very nice critiques, no placement in best male class though.

I showed Koya in Intermediateclass which she nicely won with CQ. She made it all the way to 3rd Best Bitch behind two nice Champions giving her the Norwegian CAC!
Just what I wanted!
Koya is now 22 months old and I have decided to finish of this year in this class. Being up to date the Most Winning Ridgeback in Sweden 2016 and that from only junior and intermediateclass, is an achivement for such a young dog! Can't wait for her to turn 2 years in January and for the shows to begin in the spring.
When she get's her last needed Swedish CAC for her Championtitle  after she turns 2 years, she will at the same time collect her Finnish Championtitle, Norwegian Championtitle aswell as her Nordic Championtitle. 

In Championclass we had SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley "Tilly". She recieved Excellent but was not placed in class.

Thank you all for a great day and thank you Nadine for your travelcompany! See you again in two weeks for the last shows of the year!

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Last weekend Mira and Idde got their first Championoffspring in the High-litter. Handsome Kadamo Always Aiming High "Django" won his third 1st prize in Openclass in Bloodtracking making him a Swedish Bloodtracking Champion! Well done and congratulations Nadine!

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We are now on our way home from three days in Riga where we have had the pleasure to meet Rayridge Jared Boyled "Boy". I was happy to get the opportunity to spend some quality time with him in different environments. And I would describe him as very easy going, calm, sweet and gentle. He does not seem to be bothered by other dogs, busy environments, new people or crowded places. He is sweet and was very loving, both to me and Mira aswell as Moa. Thank you for this opportunity Anastasia, Valeria and Elizaveta! Without all your assistance this would not have happend!
More pictures and info can be found in the Pregnancy & Puppy Diary. If you want to read more about the upcoming litter and the proud parents to be visit the Planned I-litter page!

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Now the first three dogs from the High-litter (Mira x Idde) has been X-rayed and they all came back with perfect score! The latest result came from Kadamo High Expectations "Selma" and Kadamo Through Highs and Lows "Freke" who both got hips A/A and elbows 0/0!
Congratulations to you both!

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Last Friday we started our long drive towards the twoday shows in Denmark. On our way we made a stop in Växjö where I got to show Koya's brother Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" in Intermediateclass. He won the class with Excellent but unfortunately without the CQ.
His uncle SEUCH DKUCH FINCH EECH SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" finished 3rd in Championclass and 4th Best Male.
I showed SEVCH RLDN NOJW-15 Kadamo I'm In It For The Gold "Koya" in Intermediateclass and despite being in false pregnancy and not her alert self she won the class with CQ and finished 2nd Best Bitch with CAC and r-CACIB (that will turn into a CACIB!).
Very proud of the three of them and happy we could continue our journey towards Denmark! How that went you can see below since I have already updated with those excellent results! 

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Our second day showing in Denmark and today it was time for the Nordic Winner Show. We started off in a great way with Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" (Mira x Idde) placing 2nd Best Juniormale with Exc and CQ, only one dog from the Juniorwinner title...
After him SEUCH NUCH DKUCH DKW-16 BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" continued in the same way as the day before, by winning Best Male and BOS for the second day in a row! Since he got the DKUCH and NORDUCH title yesterday today he "only" got the CACIB and NORDW-16 title!
So proud of this handsome big boy and his great owner/handler Ewa! So well done!
After the boys it was time for SEVCH RLDN NOJW-15 Kadamo I'm In It for the Gold "Koya" to show off by winning the Intermediateclass, also for the second day in a row. She went all the way to 3rd Best Bitch unfortunately only with R-CAC.
SEUCH NUCH FINCH DKUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Kadamo Bringin' It Back "Mira" finished verey nicely 2nd in the Championclass with CQ but was unplaced in best bitch today.
Her mother CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH NVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Hamnuddens Fischer CV "Moa" was again entered in Veteranclass and won it for the second day in a row! This giving her the NORDVW-16 title aswell as her winning Best of Breed veteran just to top it off!
I am so proud of all my "kids" showing off in Denmark this weekend! 
We might have had extremely bad luck with everything else this weekend (our cottage almost set on fire... my car breaking down 1000 km from home and so on..) but instead of focusing on everything that went wrong I keep thinking of all our success instead, making this trip all worth it in the end!
Thank you Ewa, Petra, Göran and Annie for your company this weekend!

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Today we entered the International Danish Winner Show in Herning. Breed entry was 60 + and judge was Per Iversen, NO.
First out was our juniormale Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" who recieved VG and placed 5th in the class. 
After him it was time for SEUCH NUCH BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" for the first time to enter the showring in Denmark. He did it in the most excellent way by winning the Championclass with CQ, winning Best Male with CAC, CACIB aswell as three new titles, Danish Winner-16, Danish Champion and Nordic Champion! Biggest congratulations to his owner and handler Ewa!
After him it was time for the girls and first out was SEVCH NOJW-15 Kadamo I'm in it for the Gold "Koya" and she won the intermediateclass with lovely critique, Exc and CQ. 
In Championclass I showed SEUCH FINCH NUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Kadamo Bringin' It Back "Mira" and she made it all the way to 2nd Best Championbitch with Exc and CQ.
After her it was time for her mother CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH NVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 SEVW-14 Hamnuddens Fischer "Moa" to enter the veteranclass.
When she was around 2-3 years old she was shown for this judge and won CAC and Best of Breed two times! So I was excited to show her for him again, even though several years had now passed.
Moa won the class which gave her the Danish Veteran Winner-16 title aswell as taking her to compete for Best Bitch.
Having all my three girls placing in the top in their classes I was happy to have my friends Ewa and  Petra there to help me show them. I showed Mira and she became 2nd Best Bitch with CAC and CACIB making her New Danish Champion!
Her mother Moa finished at a wonderful 4th Best Bitch placement and Koya today outside placement.
I am so extremely happy and thrilled over the results today! So happy with the three new championtitles, two new winnertitles and the two CACIBs we got!

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