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Testing some Nosework!

Yesterday a group of dogs of different ages went to Örebro and met with Ellen and her nosework talent Kadamo Let It Be "Saffran" to be taught the basics in nosework. The first smell you start with is eukalyptus. The idea is to train the dog to show/mark where the smell is. 
It can be in different containers (like pizza boxes in cardboard) or on a vehicle. 
When you compete time is also a factor, the faster the dog searches the area and finds the smell the better. 
Since I was busy at the dogshow yesterday all photos was taken by Kadamo's own paparazzi Jakke Röntynen, once again a big thank you for all the photos and letting me use them!
I hope you all had a good day with your dogs!
(In the photos below are Iroh, Saffran, Siri, Morris, Leia and Luna.)




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