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Kadamo It Is All About Me "Ajax" from the It-litter (Mira x Boy) is spending his holiday at the island of Gotland with his owner Trixie, and I got these lovely photos of this gorgeous boy, now 1,5 years old. 

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Today I showed my boy SEVCH NOJW-17 NORDJW-17 FIJW-17 HEJW-17 HEW-17 Amatonga's Golden Boy to Kadamo "Colin" at the Nordic Show in Västerås, breedentry 41 and judge was Paul Stanton.
He won the intermediateclass with CQ and placed 2nd Best Male, with R-Nordic CAC and R-CAC. 
In Workingclass Kadamo Nothing But Gold "Argos" placed 1st with VG, in Openclass NOJW-16 Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" placed 1st with EXC and in Championclass SEUCH EECH DKCH FINCH SEJW-12 Kadamo ROb Roy "Dexter" reciveded Excellent.

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Unfortunately there will not be any puppies at Kadamo this fall. Even though Selma and Zeppelin liked eachother much we did not get a proper mating. Hard to say if it was the extreme heat that took the energy from them or their inexperience, but it did not work this time.
We will most likely chose a different male next time, as much as we love Zeppelin we will try someone else and see if it will work better than. More info will come later on.
Sorry to disappoint you who where hoping for a puppy from this litter, and I hope you have the patient to wait until our next try instead.

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Yesterday it was time for the biggest Ridgeback Show of the year, BISS-18. Yesterday it was Petclass, Puppies and Males. Judge: Tino Pehar, HR.
In Petclass we had brothers Kadamo Come and Get It "Shiro" and Kadamo Let It Be "Saffran". Shiro was a true pro and easily won the class with his mum Malin. Saffran was not interested in showing off his movement, or he moved but not as supposed to ;). But he still charmed his way to a 2nd place in the class with owner Ellen.
Shiro finished BOS Pet against the bitch.

In puppyclass 4-6 months sisters Kadamo I Am Bagheera "Heera" with owner Marita and Kadamo Runs with Raksha "Siri" with owner Anna made their debute and did wonderful with amazing words from the judge. They placed very nicely 1st and 2nd both with Honours Prize.

I showed Colin in intermediateclass and he was struggling with the wasps that was flying around us, so did not show his best, but still placed 2nd with CQ in the class, and went all the way to 6th Best male (10 dogs placed at BISS). In the same class Kadamo It Is My Time "Kaiser" and his owner Karin finished nicely 4th with Exc.
In workingclass SEVCH Kadamo Always Aiming High "Django" with his owner Nadine won the class with Exc. In the very large openclass his brother Kadamo I Am High Quality "Clinton" and his owner Petra went all the way to Best Openclassmale with CQ. With the words from the judge after Best male that he was even betterlooking that his winner dog, he still finished "only" 10 th Best male because he was to tired to really run and show off his movements in best male...

In the large Championclass SEUCH NUCH DKUCH DKW-16 NORDW-16 BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" and his owner Ewa recieved Exc but was unplaced.

Thnk you all for a very nice day despite the extreme warm temperatures! Very proud of all of you and your results! 

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Yesterday we took the day off from our daily jobs at our farm and took the dogs and kids to the "beach" for some fun in the water. Colin and Moa was the most happy out of the dogs, both Mira and Koya are in false pregnancy so they prefered sunbathing more than swimming!
I am happy to say that all my dogs do swim and enjoy the water, love being able to swim together with them at summertime!
Below are some mixed photos of our nice day!

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Nu söker Nils (Kadamo Roll With It) ett nytt hem utanför storstan. Nils är en korrekt okastrerad hane på 2 år som vill bo i ett lugnt område gärna på landet med en trygg och hunderfaren ägare. 
Läs mer om honom HÄR.

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1-2 Juni 15-års Jubileumshelg!

Västerås Kapplöpningsbana med race på rakbana, prova specialsök och första hjälpen.

Bergahundar Uppsala med hinderbana/biathlon, canicross, drag, SUP, vandring och stretching/massage.

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25 augusti Kadamo Mästerskapen i viltspår i Årsunda

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