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Hamnuddens Fischer "MOA" 2006/07/15 - 2020/12/21
The day came on Monday, when it was time to let you go... I wanted to say goodbye before you got too ill, before you had pain and before your body failed.
I feel honored to have spent my life with you for 14 years, 5 months and 6 days you walked this earth with grace and full of kindness.
You were always meant to be mine, to stand beside me through thick and thin. We were each others destiny.
I was only 22 years old when you came into my life, together we climbed mountains (literally and figuratively)!
I have so many memories that will forever stay in my heart, our competitions in bloodtracking, rallyobedience, obedience, dogshows and lure coursing. You were so versatile, great at everything.
You have been an astonishing broodbitch as a mother of 25 puppies, grandmother to 69 puppies in Sweden and over 100 in other countries. I am so happy that so many families in this world has a dog with a little piece of you, and that your legacy lives on and will keep on doing that for many more years to come.
You were the sweetest dog with our kids, teaching them how to love animals by letting them hold your leash on our walks, letting them rest next to you in your bed and sleep next to you in a tent on a warm summer night. I have always trusted you 100 % in any situation around both children and other animals.
You have been a healthy up until you turned 12 years. Then we had our first fright. You got ill and we found a mass (tumour) in your liver. I thought then that I was loosing you but I would not give up without a fight first. And you recovered and the mass was not a bad and aggressive kind, and it did not effect you much.
For another 2 years you stayed with me. We fought together against everything that popped up and we did not give up. You were so worth fighting for!
The older you became, the more your health was affected. Your legs got weaker, and a little more than a month ago your lymph nodes got very enlarged and that was the warning light that our time together was running out.
I have had more than two years bonus time to share with you, and I am so grateful for every single day. I hope you have felt all the love I have for you, and that you know how much you mean to me.
I did everything I could for you, and I would do it all again.
My heart is broken, and it will never be completely whole again. But I know it is only me who suffer now, your heart and body are free.
Sweet dreams my girl, until we meet again

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