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3x 1st prize Openclass Bloodtracking and 1x Honours Prize for the girls today!

This morning me and Ellen drove with Koya and the rest to meet up with her aunties Kadamo Eye Opener "Nikki" and Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" to start in openclass for judge Tommy Wallén. 
This was Koya and Ebba's very first time in openclass after they both recently just passed the aptitudetest. I haven't had time to practise with her since then because of the puppies, but thought it was a good opportunity to test her today. Every track is practise for the next one!
For Nikki it was her second time in openclass and well, these three girls all did well and they all recieved 1st prizes, and tracked around 15 minutes (600 m long tracks). 
Ebba shined today also gaining a HP! Not bad for her first time in openclass! 
Congrats and well done to both Ingegerd and Isabel! Soon I think we have three more Bloodtracking Champions in our hands!


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