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Rallyobediencecompetition with Mira!

Today Mira and I competed in Rallyobedience Graduateclass. She already has the title but I decided to do one more competition before we start to train for Advancedclass. 
Mira can do so well but I haven't been all pleased with our recent competitions so wanted to end this class in a better way. 
Today I was pleased with our performance. Her focus is not perfect and she gets a bit off in her healposition here and there, but overall she does good!
Today I made a mistake and counted my steps walking backwards wrong... I have never done this and teach my own students to count out loud, but still, today I made that mistake and we lost 10 points just there... 
We recieved 77 points and finished 9th out of 19 dogs, so still pleased with this. Now we take a break from competitions for a while!


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