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Grand slam at Swedish Winner Show 2022 for Leo and Penny!

SEJW-22 SEW-22 Kadamo Can Y' See It Now "Leo". Photo Jenny Jurnelius

I don't even know where to start. Yesterday it was time for the last show in Sweden for 2022, and it is the biggest one with the Swedish Winner 2022 titles to compete for.
This year 69 ridgebacks where entered (some abscent) under judge Juha Putkonen, Finland. 
I had three of my juniors from the Oasis-litter (Tiya x Maddox) there making their official debute just 9,5 months old.
I started off by showing Kadamo Can Y' See It Now "Leo" in the juniorclass where he was the only one to recieve Excellent and with that he won the class with CQ and the title Swedish Juniorwinner-22!
What a way to kick off our day! We had no other males with us today so we waited for Best Male where young boy Leo did it again! He amazingly won Best Male and with that his second title Swedish Winner-22, his first CAC and also his first Nordic CAC!!!
Time for him to rest and for his sisters Kadamo Force of Nature "Penny" and Kadamo Won't Let You Down "Rita" to step into the ring. I showed Penny and she got Excellent. Rita needs more time to develop and got VG today and finished 4th in the class. 
Penny on the other hand followed in Leos footsteps and also won her class with her new title Swedish Juniorwinner-22!
My girl CIB SEUCH FINUCH NUCH DKUCH ESTCH SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 BPISS-13 Kadamo Bringin' it Back "Mira" was shown for the first time in Veteranclass and recieved Excellent, finished 3rd with CQ. She did not move to well on the carpets and slippery floor but still shows like a pro. 
Time for Best Bitch class where I showed Penny and her owner Malin took Mira. Penny did just as wonderful as Leo and she won Best Bitch! So another title for her Swedish Winner-22 aswell as her first CAC and Nordic CAC!
Time for the siblings to meet for Best of Breed. I showed Leo and Penny's owner Malin showed her and did it so well. Leo was the one today taking the number one spot being Best of Breed Junior and Best of Breed and Penny Best Opposite Sex.
I can't even describe how happy and proud I am over these two dogs! So young and first time at a big showground like this. Leo being shown for the very first time by me and we have only practised once together about a month ago! He is such a star!

We were discussing back and forth if we were going to stay for the grand finals, since it was several of hours to wait and it would a long and tough day on the young dogs. But I am so glad we did!
In the finals for Best Junior 64 dogs entered and Leo was picked out in top 10 by judge Mark Johnston, Australia. So much better than we expected so very happy.
After some more waiting it was time for the Group 4/6 finals and about 20 dogs to compete against. Judge was Renée Sporre-Willes, Sweden.
We had absolotely no expecations for anything her among all the beautful Best of breed dogs in the group, so I was so happy when we made the first cut to top 8. And then again, she picked us for her top 4!!! 
When the speaker started to announce the placement and we were not called for either 4th or 3rd place I was so nervous! We ended up as BIG-2!!! 
Such an amazing achievment for this young boy who just started a very promising showcareer in grand style!

Thank you to his owner Malin Gregebo for letting me show him and for cheering for us all day long. And also thank to Pennys owner Malin Widlund for letting me show Penny. I am so happy you could not go on your weekend away this day and spend it at the show with me and Penny!

Thank you to everyone who congratulated us at the show and by message. I know some people think the champions should have won but I don't care. I am just happy that this judge chose to bring out the younger dogs this time!

We will definetely live on this day for a while! Some mixed photos aswell as videos from he finals for you to enjoy below. Pictures taken by Malin and Malin!

Leo in Best Junior finals:

Leo in Best in Group finals:




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