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Moa New International Champion - CIB, Best of Breed and BIG-2, Mira BOB puppy and Charlie NEW Swedish Champion!!!

What a day! What a weekend! After "Tillys" (SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley) wonderful results in Finland yesterday where she became Swedish and Finnish Champion I thought that this weekend was already great! But it would get even better!

Today I went to Österbybruk International Show, judging today was Mr Freddie Klindrup, DK and breedentry about 50.
First I showed "Isidor" (Kadamo Devil in Disguise) in Puppyclass, today unfortunately limping after an injury the other day. I told the judge about this who wanted me to show him anyway, and I did and it went well! He was placed as Best Male puppy with HP!
After him it was time for "Mira" and she also won and became Best Bitch puppy with HP, and after that Best of Breed against Isidor who then was BOS!
Mira's critique (in Swedish): 
"6 månader härlig valp med korrekt bett. Välplacerade mörka ögon. Passande stop, utmärkt hals och kropp. Passande benstomme. Välvinklad. Rör sig med väl, utmärkt ridge, utmärkt päls. Gott temperament."

First out in official classes was  "Dexter" SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy first time in Intermediateclass, he did well gaining Excellent and was placed as 2nd in the class.
After him I got to show "Charlie" SEVCH Kadamo Don't Mess with Texas in Openclass. And this lovely boy won the class with CQ and ended up 2nd Best Male behind my sister Johanna and her "Wilson" MultiCh Roseridge Red Rastaban (sire of the Beatles-litter). This placement also gave him his third CAC making him New SWEDISH SHOW CHAMPION!!! Since Wilson is already CIB the CACIB also goes to Charlie!!!

After this we had some girls entered aswell. "Souki" Kadamo Heart Stopper recived VG in intermediateclass, "Indra" SEVCH Kadamo An Angel in Abbey was Exc-3 in Openclass and "Chanel" SEVCH Kadamo Lady in Red was Exc-4 in Workingclass.

After this I entered the Championclass with "Moa". And she showed well, and obviously well enough to win the class with CQ and great critique (in Swedish):
"Utmärkt typ helt igenom en Rhodesian Ridgeback med prima rörelser. Bra temperament."

After this we went into Best Bitch and Moa won! And not just that, she won her last needed CACIB for her International Beauty Championtitle, CIB! Just what I wanted!!!
After beeing so happy about this we went into competition for Best of Breed against Johanna and Wilson and this time it was Moa's turn, she won!
I am soooooo proud of my princess gaining these wonderful results, after giving birth to three litters she is still going strong!

We stayed for the finals and Mira was unfortunately not placed among the 25+ puppies in her BIS-final, but Moa did better! Group 4 and group 6 was merced into one and Moa finnished as BIG-2! The group was judged by Lars Widén, Sweden.

A huge thank you for all my lovely Kadamo people who I got to spend the day with, and an EXTRA big THANK YOU to Tomas, Jonny and Jenni for staying with me all trough the finals! It wouldn't have been the same without you there!
Thank you all for helping me take photos and just being around! You truly made this wonderful day even more wonderful!


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