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Today it was time for rallyobediencecompetition again for Petra and her handsome and talented boy SEVCH Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" from the F-litter (Enya x Leo). And they did it! They recieved their 3rd qualifying run in Noviceclass which gave them the title RLD N! 
This boy is only 16 months old and already two titles! Wonderful job to his owner Petra! Keep it up! You are making me so proud!

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Handsome Kadamo Is on Fire "Izor" has been X-rayed and just as his siblings he is clear! He got perfect scores, hips A/A and elbows 0/0. Big congratulations to his owners Jenny and Peter!
Only three more boys left to be X-rayed now from the Fire-litter.

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Happy 2nd Birthday my dear "puppies" from the E-litter; Mira, Luna, Jackie, Isidor, Bellman, Elvis, Attila and Bosse today! I can't believe you are now all grown up! Well at least on paper you are, but in mind and spirit still just puppies!
I wish you all a wonderful day with your families, kisses to all of you from me and your mother Moa!

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Kadamo It's Now or Never "Elvis" who was exported to Czech as a puppy has now sired his first litter. Mother Podarok iz Afriky Lakesha Imani "Lakesha" gave birth to 13 puppies, 8 males and 5 bithches, so far all of them looks correct!!!
Big congratlations to Sárka and Elena for this wonderful litter. 

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Finally this journey has begun! If all goes according to plan our G-litter will be born around January 20th 2015! We have 9 longs weeks, 63 long days of exciting wait ahead of us!
Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? read more bout the parents SEVCH Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla" and SEUCH DKUCH SEVCH Mankoya's Incredible Idde by Gambo "Idde" under Planned litter 2015.
Inquiries welcome at karin@kadamo.se.

This past weekend Kayla starting to act flirty to the dogs that we had as company on our walks. At home she was not showing any signs of being in her "peak" days of her heat. On Sunday I did notice that the blood was looking like it should around mating which got me a bit stressed out, she was only on day 10 of her heat. I have mated my previous bitches around day 15-16 if I remember correctly. 
So Monday morning I took a bloodtest and drove to the Animal hospital to get it analyzed. I went straight to my own workout where I later got a message from the veterinary that her progesteronelevel was 36 nmol/l (!!!!) This means that she had been ovulating probably Saturday or Sunday and was most definetely ready for mating.
So I rushed home and packed the car, left Moa and Yaya with my friend Elin (THANK YOU) and set off towards Gothenburg with myself, my daughter Ellen, Kayla and Mira (who also is in heat at the moment...). 
We arrived in the evening arpund 6.30 pm and thanks to my friend Ann-Sophie we got to borrow an indoor traininghall where we could let Kayla and Idde get to know eachother.
First, the got to meet eachother outside and they seem to hit it off right away so we took them indoors and let them loose to play.
And they did so well together, They played, flirted, kissed and behaved like proffessionals even though this was their very first mating.
But... we did not get a mating... They were extremely close several times, but their aiming wasn't perfect and after about three hours (of course with breaks for them) we gave up for the evening.
Idde's owner were so kind to offer me to stay with them so the Kayla and Idde got to see eachother first thing in the morning. They had another good attempt but after that they didn't seem to be as interested anymore. Tired or perhaps Kayla's heat had progressed so much so it was now too late?
Since I really did not want to miss out on this litteroppertunity now I decided to try to find a veterinary who could help us to do and AI. Luckily I found one, Johanna Mattsson at Göteborgs Djurklinik. 
So we went there, emptied Idde and checked his semen which was of good quality, then checked Kayla who was in a good place in her heat for AI, and it was done.
Unlike what I am used to this was only done vaginal, and not put into the uterus. I hope and pray that this will work. The two of them are such a great couple and I have so much hope in this litter.
So keep your fingers crossed that we within about 3-4 weeks will get some positive news during an ultrasound!
Until then, we can only wait!
Below are a little album of photos of Kayla and Idde from the attempts of mating. They really clicked and liked each other!
Thank you again Malin and Daniel for EVERYTHING! Idde is such a wonderful and sweet boy and I am happy that I got to spend some time with him. 

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One more boy from the Fire-litter (Enya x Leo) has been X-rayed and one more perfect result! Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" has hips A/A and elbows 0/0! 
Big congratulations to his owner Amanda!

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One week has already passed since Dando left this earth with his head resting in my lap. The first days I was in some kind of haze. I cried, a lot... I have since those first days started some kind of defence inside myself to manage my everyday life.
Until today I have hardly looked at any photos of him, I have tried to keep myself busy with just about anything, tried to avoid thinking of him...
But it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes I think he will lay there in his bed, or I think I hear him walking trough the hallway, or that it is him that I hear breathing heavy at night... But it's not.. He is not here, and that hurts.
I still know I did the right thing and that he wasn't living the life he once used to. But that still doesn't stop the feeling that I want him back! 
I want to be able to stroke his soft fur again, kiss his cheek again, look into his dark wise eyes again, but I never will. That is what makes my heart break, all those things I will never do again.
But in my heart, he will live on forever. His personality was so strong and I know his memory will be aswell. 

Below are some of the last photos I had of him in my camera, and I wanted to share some of them with you. They show some of his lovely qualties. First the safety and security for my girls as their lovely companion. Then there is that begging for treats boy, putting his paw on my foot to get my attention, drooling over those treats and those sweet eyes of his looking straight into my heart.
The final photos is of him seeing Wilson for the last time, both boys being so happy greeting eachother. The very last photo was taken the same morning as he passed away. After breakfast he got to enjoy a tasty turkeyneck which he ate with huge appetite!

I love you my boy, now and forever! Always in my heart! 

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Kayla's heat started on Thursday and today she moved in with us. She will now live with me and my girls until she has been mated with Idde, then she will go back to her family until two weeks before the puppies are due to be born.
Next Monday I am planning to take a first progesterontest to see when she will be ready for her date with Idde. 
Exciting times ahead now! I will keep you posted on our progress! For more information about this upcoming litter read under Planned Litter.

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Today we had a little playdate with parts of the Fire-litter (Enya x Leo) who are now around 15 ½ months old. Present today was all three girls, Soya, Leah and Noomi, brothers Arrax and Bilbo and of course mum Enya.
We went for a walk and of course some playtime for them all. Along with us today was also of course my pack Moa (their grandmother), Yaya and Mira, Zimba from the D-litter, Masai from the C-litter and Enya's "bigbrother" Zeus.
Thank you all for coming! See you all again soon!
Fire-litters Photoalbum has been updated with some new stacked photos of them.

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I am happy to get the results back from the X-rays for Kadamo Set the World on Fire "Bilbo", hips A/B and elbows 0/0. So far all "puppies" from this litter has been X-rayed with clear results! Look forward to see the rest of the litter aswell!
Congratulations Petra and Mattias!

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A piece of me is gone... My dear, my love, my one and only, my best friend, my first dog, my everything has left me today...
After years of fighting a disease after another I had to make the hard decision to know when enough was enough, and we had reached that point.
He has been struggling lately with loss of function in his backlegs and the last couple of weeks he could not control when he needed to poo, so it often came indoors.
He couldn't go for any real walks, just short short walks behind our house and from time to time in the woods, when I took him with me in the car so he would get a change of scenery.
It was very hard for me to decide when it was his time. He has been such a huge part of my life for almost 11 ½ years and for me to decide when he should not live anymore has been devastating. 
I  have prepared for this day this whole year, and he has slowly been getting worse, and in some way, I feel peace now. I have morn him for so many months, when he was still alive. But now, I can feel sad, cry and grief for "real". 

I was only 19 years old when Dando stepped into my life and for the 11 years, 5 months and 2 days I got to have him next to me he has been my world. 
There is no other dog that will ever mean as much to me as he has. He was my first dog and that will always garantee a special place in my heart. 
My heart is broken but I know all my lovely memories of you will eventually push away my tears and instead make me smile every time I think of him.

Dando got to lay in his own bed with his head in my lap when he fell into his final sleep. He gave me a final big kiss before he put his head in my arms and fell deeper and deeper to sleep.
The girls were allowed in the room when we were finished to say goodbye. They all smelled him but very fast went to rest in the couch, not acting like they were grieving.
We carried him to our car were he laid with his head in my lap the whole way to the crematorium. It was situated nicely in the countryside in a barn and the owners met us when we arrived, and acted very proffessional the whole time. 
It was awful saying my final goodbye leaving him there, but at least I was able to drive back there today and pick up his urn and bring him home. 
I struggle with this whole thing, today I have tried to keep myself occupied and distracted because otherwise I think about him, ALL the time. And now thinking of him only makes me break down and cry... and I feel so empty and so tired, so I know I have to stop. 
Thankfully I have my three girls who needs to go outside and my daughter who needs my attention, so I have to get myself together and just do normal stuff too.

I know it will take a long time for me to accept the fact that he is not coming back... I was not ready to loose him, but I don't think you ever really are. I knew I was doing the right thing for him, but I would much rather have him here, still next to me...
I know, that eventually his memory will only bring me joy. He was so special and I have so many wonderful memories, photos and videos of him that I will treassure forever.

LP1 RLDN RLDF SEVCH Hamnuddens Dando af Argos "Dando"

2003-06-02  - 2014-11-04

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