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Mira competing at Puppy of the Year!

Today Mira and I competed in STOKK's Puppy of the Year competition at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. All puppies who won BIS-1 puppy at one of the kennelclub shows during 2013 was invitited to compete for Best Puppy of the Year.
Judge was Elina Tan Hietalahti from Finland. It was a total of 60 gorgeous puppies, half males and half bitches.
All the puppies competed in couples, from each couple one winner moved on to the next round and so on until there were only on Best Male and one Best Bitch left.
Mira first competed against a chihuahua and she won the first round, making it to the quarterfinals. There we had very though competition from one of Swedens most famous and successful handlers, Jenny Hall with her own pharaohound.
They beat us today and also made it all the way to second best bitch.
I am very happy with Mira's performance! She took the whole thing well, running on stage with music, spotlights and applauses.
It was a great experience and I had my wonderful friends Elin and Lollo with me! Thank you for coming along and cheering for me and Mira! And thank you for taking photos and filming the whole thing!


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