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Mira recieved another 1st prize in Bloodtracking today!

Today I drove to Strängnäs and met with judge Gunnar Gustafsson to let Mira do some work again. She got to start in openclass and the judge told us it was a difficult track... It had rained a lot yesterday and last night when he had laid the track and he only use 2 dl of blood for the whole 600 m track. The track was almost 25 hrs old.
Mira tracked well, I could tell a difference in her behaviour that she had to work hard, and she did all the way. Absolutely gunshotproof, 21 minutes and her fourth 1st prize in a row!
Judge comments in Swedish:
"En mycket spårvan hund. Klarar spåret utmärkt, lugnt och stabilt. Skottfast."


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