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Moa and Yaya New Norwegian Bloodtracking Champions!

We have just arrived back from almost a week holiday in Norway. Of course I had to mix up this holiday with some dogstuff! On the weekend that just passed I attended the Norwegian RR-clubs BISS-14 show in Osterbo, Aurland. 
Judge was Vanessa Moyano from Spain. On Saturday I showed handsome NUCH Kangelani's Leo Son of Clay who is the sire of my Fire-litter. It was lovely to meet him and spend some qualitytime with this handsome and sweet boy. He is even better in real life!
Leo ended up 9th Best Male, very pleased with that! His brothers Thanzi and Teo was placed as 1st and 2nd Best Male! 
On Sunday I showed Mira in Intermediateclass and I was very happy with her recieving Excellent and placed 3rd in the class. 

On Monday we participated in a bloodtracking trial in Nordfjord, Stryn. This was my first time tracking in Norway and they do it a little bit different there. Moa was first out of my dogs and they all had different judges. She did really well, since I didn't know where the track went I didn't know how well, but the judge congratulated me afterwards so I assumed she had done well!
The surroundings was difficult, steep downhill and then back up again. Moa tracked in 27 minutes.
Mira was next and she was not focused at all... She has been tracking with bad focus lately so she is getting a break until she gets that back. 
Yaya was last out and she also did well working faster than Moa but also she had easier surroundings to track in. She finished her track in 15 minutes.
After we finished we had to wait for the rest of the competing dogs to finish, today a total of 23 dogs of different breeds participated!
Both Yaya and Moa gained a 1st prize which automatically gives them the Norwegian Bloodtracking Championtitle! 
To my huge surprise Moa's great performance took her all the way to 1st place! She won the whole competition! 
So proud of my queen!

Back home in Sweden Moa's talented grandson Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" from the Fire-litter has recieved two 1st prizes in bloodtracking and only needs one more for his Swedish Bloodtracking Championtitle! Very proud of this young boy only 10 ½ months old! Congrats to owner Petra!


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