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Mira's second title in two days! Her first in rallyobedience-RLDN!

Today Mira and I went to Hölö-Mörkö BK outside Södertälje for our second competition in Rallyobedience, Noviceclass. This was her third start, last Saturday she had two starts the same day.
We had number 35 out of 40 dogs so a long wait until it was finally our turn. Mira did a good job I think, of course a few minor faults but nothing that caused us a lot of points.
So we finished with 90 points out of 100 and our third qualifing result in a row, giving Mira the title RLDN, Rallyobedience Diploma Noviceclass. She got this title in just one week and only 10 ½ months old. Saying that I was proud is an understatement!
She has gained two titles in two weeks and both before her first birthday! Now I look forward to spring and to start working for our next goals! Love you Mira!
Mira's complete namn now is SEVCH RLDN BPISS-13 Kadamo Bringin' It Back! Below you can see a video from todays competition! Enjoy!


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