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Tiya's X-ray results!

A few weeks ago I X-rayed Tiya for the normal heathcheck for hips and elbows. I saw right away that one side was not as good as the other... So I was not so surprised when her result came back with hips A/C and elbows 0/0. That C came because the hip socket is a little bit to narrow, and when measured according SKK' standard the result ended up on the "wrong" side, since A/B is clear...
It is very very disappointing of course. At the moment I am just trying to accept the result, and that it means she will not be used in breeding. I have not decided yet if I will try to X-ray her again in 6 months, not sure it will change the result.
What is most important, it that Tiya is just as happy as before the X-ray, and she knows nothing about this, and will most likely live her whole life without any issues from this hip. She is such a wild an active girl and that won't stop! She will continue to live like she does and stay in this musclecondition!




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