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Summer has come to an end!

The summer has come to an end, and it has been a bit different than other years. Not a single dogshow or competition, sad but of course understandable. I look forward when the shows will begin again, I really think Tiya deserves to be shown, she is a stunning young girl.
The dogs has enjoyed their summer, a few trips to go swimming and a lot of lazy time in the garden and nice walks. I am so happy to say that Moa is still here with us. Earlier this spring I did not think she would make to summer, and definetely not to fall. But here we are! 
I have accepted that she can't come with us on our walks anymore, only short once. She seems saticfied strolling around in her own pace at our farm. She gets a bit heavy breathing when she walks to long or it is to warm, and I don't want to strain her lungs, since I know she has a tumour aswell. So I let her decide for herself <3
With summer over I start to look forward to the next Kadamolitters. If all goes as I hope there will be two litters here coming up. More info will come when everything is decided!




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