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Amazing Koya was Best of Breed, Best in Group, BOS and 2x CAC at Int.Show MyDog!

At 4 am on Thursday morning my alarmclock went off and up we went! Koya and me were taking the expresstrain from Stockholm to Gothenburg at 6 am. I knew that we would be in a rush to get to the dogshow in time, when I booked the trainticket I had thought more dogs would be shown and that I would have more time to get to the showground in time... 
Once in Gothenburg my dear friend and puppybyer Ann-Sophie picked us up in her car and drove us to the show were I pretty much ran the whole way to the ring. 
Luckily we got there with time to spare so I could calm down before entering the ring.

Day 1 of the International Dogshows MyDog was judged by Mr Gunnar Nymann, DK. Breedentry: 46.
I showed Koya in Juniorclass and was abit nervous since I was told that the judge had not given out any CQ's among the males until Championclass. 
But Koya showed off and recieved Excellent and CQ and got to compete for Best Bitch! Once there this amazing young girl, just one week away from her 1st Birthday won! She became Best Bitch with Swedish CAC! Unfortunately still to young to compete for the CACIB so that went on to the second best bitch.
Sooooo proud is to say the least! She went up against the Best Male and today finished as BOS.

Koya's critique (translated to English):
"1 year. Very pleasing outline . Good lines in the head and body . Good expression . Scissor bite. Good muzzle and skull. Nice neck , ridge and topline . Excellent croup, well angulated . Really good forechest. Moves with good stride . Good front."

After the stressful start of the day we headed with Malin and Koya's dad Idde for a walk and then back to our hotel to rest. In the evening we went for dinner at O'Leary's and was very happy that the dogs was allowed to come inside with us. So instead of getting take out we sat down for a nice meal and the dogs behaved beautifully just sleeping on the floor.

Day 2 of the International Dogshows MyDog was judged by Mr Johan Juslin, FIN. Breedentry: 49.
Today I got to show Koya's sire Idde (CH Mankoya's Incredible Idde by Gambo) and I think we did ok together. He recieved Excellent and was placed as 3rd in Championclass.
Koya started the day with a bad stomache which of course got me worried. But despite this she showed off very well and she won the class again today with Excellent and CQ. This also qualify her to CRUFT's 2017.
So happy to once again enter Best Bitchclass with my young girl. And again, I was so excited to see her be placed as Best Bitch with CAC! Again, the CACIB went to the 2nd Best bitch.
We competed against the Best Male and today my girl was the Best of Breed!

Koya's critique (translated to English):
"A fantastic outline. Somewhat puppyish head but sexual characteristics is correct. Good forechest , beautiful arch of neck, excellent crowns, beautiful paws. Very smooth and elastic movements."

I had booked my trainticket home for 3 pm, but since it was the same judge who was judging the BIG-finals I just had to stay. So I booked another ticket home for 8 pm and we had a loooong long wait before the finals.
But what can I say, it was worth staying! This silly little girl was the judge absolute favourite today and she was placed as BIG-1! It is not very often that a Ridgeback makes it to the BIS-finals and I can count on one hand how many times I have been in one. So getting there with my 1 year old dog feels amazing!
The BIS-finals will be held on Sunday afternoon. I was offered a hotelroom to stay until then, but I decided to go home and instead take the train back on Sunday.

So tomorrow afternoon we are going back to Gothenburg for a few hours and showing off in the BIS-finals! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Below are a couple of short videos of Koya in the BIG-ring and below photos from our two days in Gothenburg.

A big thank you to Malin for your company, to Ann-Sophie for the carride, to Ulrika for the tasty livercandy and to Petra for taking videos and cheering for us in the finals, and to all of you who just congratulated me and made my day even more special!


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