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Two New Swedish Bloodtracking Champions from Kadamo today!

Today it was time for Mira's and my third start in openclass bloodtracking. For the first time we met with judge Göran Ädel who lives only about 15 minutes away from me, don't know why we haven't been there before?!
Mira and me was first out. Mira tracked easily in a good calm speed, never left the track and didn't react at all to the gunshot. So in 14 minutes she had found her hoof and the judge told us he was very pleased with her performance and gave her a 1st prize. This made her a Champion! She is only 10 ½ months old and passed her aptitudetest just 2 weeks ago!
So proud! After us it was time for Mira's halfbrother from the Drinks-litter Kadamo Jack Daniels "Zimba" and his owner Alex. This was Zimba's second openclasstrack and he did a good job and he also recieved a 1st prize. Just one more to go for this boys first title!
Today again I helped Jennie with Kadamo Fire in the Sky "Kayla" who started her third openclass, and of course, workingmachine Kayla did wonderful and finished her track in 12 minutes with her third 1st prize and she also became Swedish Bloodtracking Champion today!

So proud of these talented dogs and very happy that their owners take the time to activate and and compete with them. The dogs truly love tracking and I am so happy that it shows in these wonderful results!
After tracking I met up with Mira's brother from the Elvis-litter, Kadamo Devil in Disguise "Isidor" for some playtime. He is the biggest boy in the litter, but oh so handsome!
Thank each and everyone of you for a great and successful day!


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