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Let me introduce "Koya"!

Finally, after several weeks I have decided what to call the latest member of our pack, her name is "Koya"
Koya is from my latest litter, the GOLD-litter born in January this year. Her grandmother is my very own lady "Moa" (CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH NVCH RLDN RLDF SEVW-14 Hamnuddens Fischer) and her mother is "Kayla" (SEVCH Kadamo Fire in the Sky) from Moa's second litter, my DRINKS-litter.  I am very happy to keep a puppy from my second generation of breeding, and I hope she will make her grandmother Moa (and me) very proud!
I did not plan to keep this girl at home from the start. My plan was to keep a puppy from Moa's daughter who lives with us, "Mira" (SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo Bringin' it Back) at home in the future. But after loosing my great love "Dando" (SEVCH RLDN RLDF LP1 Hamnuddens Dando af Argos) in november last year, I knew I wanted a fourth dog again, I just didn't know it would be this girl!
But then here they were, 8 little perfect wonders, all correct but one who had too much white on one paw. Other than that a correct litter, and as they grew some of the puppies really stood out and at least in my eyes looked very promising, and Koya, former Ms Red was one of them and my pick of the litter.
Long before I had decided to keep her she and my very young daughter Ellen had already made up a plan. When they puppies were not even 2 weeks old Ms Red already looked out Ellen and was the one puppy who always checked her out and wanted to be close to her. I remember that I sat in the puppybox with Ellen in my lap and Koya very tiny but very determined crawled up into Ellens lap and fell asleep.
This continued and they still have a special bond. Koya is rarely rough around Ellen and has so far never bitten or chewed on her, Ellens toys on the other hand... ;-)
Where Ellen is Koya wants to sleep. Everyday Koya comes up to sleep next to Ellen on our couch. She is fine with Ellen checking out her ears, claws, tail and everything. I hope she will continue to have this patience with her as they both grow bigger!
After seeing how these to young girls made a special bond and for me, the critical person, seeing how nice Koya was starting to look in body, how curious and brave she was, well, then I couldn't resist her either. 
I think I at first wanted a dog like Dando... who I had lost. But I know I will never get a dog like him, and he is not coming back. So I am trying to see it in a new way. His memory will always live on. Without him I wouldn't have bought Moa, and without her I wouldn't have Mira or Koya. So he is the reason for all of my dogs, and all of my litters. 
I hope all my girls will make him proud!


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