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More success for my girls in the woods!

Moa, Mira, Yaya and me

I have been off to the woods with my three girls both last week and yesterday. Last week they all started in openclass for judge Allan Pettersson. Moa got to work extra hard in the beginning when the judge by accident but her on a 5 days old track before realizing that it wasn't the track he had laid for her... But she tracked that very old track beautifully! 
Both her and Yaya recieved a 1st prize and Mira who is not as focused as last year recieved her second 2nd prize. She didn't need the judge help but she skipped a corner of the track and that lost her her 1st prize this time. 
Yesterday we went to judge Lars Sundeqvist and I think these tracks were among the hardest me and the dogs has ever walk. I have never seen so many signs of wild animals in a track before... signs of moose, wildboar and roedeer.
Yaya and Moa had a wildboar hoof instead of the normal deerhoof but this doesn't seem to have bothered them, they both worked well but I could tell in all three girls they had to do a lot of checking around for all the smells. Most of the tracks were laid on dry hills and it was a little bit windy so that made it even harder.
But all girls did well enough to recieve a 1st prize, so very happy about that!


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