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Good day at National Show in Gimo!

Today I headed for the national dogshow in Gimo with Colin and Tiya. At the show we were joined by Ace and Daisy with families aswell.
First out was Ace (Kadamo I was made for lovin' you) from the Kiss-litter (Mira x Colin) making his debute in Juniorclass just 9 months and 1 week old. He did well but I think he would have prefered played with everyone instead of standing still and running all proper. 
He recieved Excellent and placed 4th in the class!
After him it was time for dad Colin to enter Championclass. He did well, though a bit annoyed by the flies, he hates them! He won the class and in Best Male he finished 2nd.
After the boys it was the girls turn an official debute for Tiya in juniorclass. I had no expectations at all, I am always the most critical when it comes to my own dogs and think she is such a typical junior in body at the moment, very leggy and overbuilt. 
But the little girl got excellent and acctually won the class with CQ! After that we went all the way to Best Bitch 4 with R-CAC! Very promising start for this little girl!
Bigsister Daisy (SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again) from the It-litter (Mira x Boy) recieved Excellent in Openclass but finished just outside placement. 
A nice day for us! Now we have a break from the shows for a little while!




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