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Colin on the run...

Colin spend last night on his own adventure. Since his daughter Tiya is in heat at home I took Colin to my sisters house on Wednesday to make life a bit easier for both him and us. He has been behaving very well and enjoyed his stay, up until last night. He was left on his own in the late afternoon for about two hours. Since Colin has a trackrecord of beeing a houdini he was looked up in a cage. Somehow he managed to get out of it (metalcage) and open the locked front door. First he had been seen in the neighbourhood and had walked back into the house. I neighbour came to close the door that he had left open and then he was gone...
I drove their from our house in Enköping an hour away to join the search when he was not quickly found. We walked around for hours when we finally got a hit in a facebook group! Someone has seen him, but not at all in the neighbourhood as we thought, but almost 30 min cardrive away! So we all headed off and my sister was a bit before me at the scene were he had been spotted. She actually saw him and called his name but he kept running and disappeared into the woods.
We continued our search in the area for a few more hours but no Colin to be found. Eventually we had to give up. The woods were really large and the chance to run into him in the dark very slim. We would have to wait until people woke up and hopefully someone would spot him again. So a couple of hours worried sleep on my sisters couch and back out again. I got a message from someone who has a camera in the woods where they feed wild boar, which he had passed. So we headed there and more searching but again, no sight of him. 
After a few hours we got the happy message that he has walked in to someone's garden and they had been able to get him into their garage. He was again not in the same area, but had started walking back again! He must have done around 60 km of walking/running during the 15 hours he was lost.
When I arrived he was so happy to see me, but so exhausted. His legs and muscles so sore so he could hardly stand up. Me and my sister carried him to my car and then when he got to see Mira he came back to life! Even tried to hump her in the back of the car...
He settled down with blankets around him after being fed and drank some water and we drove back home.
Here he has spend most of the day just sleeping on the couch next to us. He is doing so much better in the afternoon and evening and painmedicine already helping. Tiya is in the peak of her heat being mated with Maddox, so Colin is of course sad about not getting to hang out with her. But he is still handling it ok, probably because he is still so tired. 
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out both last night and this morning searching for him. I am so happy to know I have such sweet people in my surroundings willing to sacrife their sleep and spend their nights wandering and driving around the dark woods. You are all amazing so thank you each and everyone for your help!




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