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Rallyobediencecompetition and new title!

Today it was time for me to enter the rallyobediencefield again. I haven't competed since I think August last year. Moa and Dando finished their RDLF titles then (Rallyobedience Diploma Graduateclass). Yaya was entered to two competitions in Graduateclass last year and passed both times. But then the fall came and Moa gave birth to the Elvis-litter and there just wasn't time to compete. This year has been filled with shows during a lot of weekends but now, that is about to change!
Today it was time for Yaya's third competition in graduateclass, first this year. I had also entered Dando just for fun, since he already has the title. 
The competion was arranged by SRRS Sthlm who had a Ridgeback Speciality Show at the same place. So I could cheer for some Kadamo dogs showing while waiting to compete myself, since I wasn't showing any dogs today.
In rallyobedience Noviceclass "Lotus" SEVCH Kadamo All You Need is Love (Moa x Wilson) made his debute, unfortunetaly in pooring rain. Him and his owner Lillemor did an amazing job, and if the rain hadn't distracted he would have made it to a higher score. Today he recieved 61 points and the limit is 70 points. Good luck for next time!
Yaya and I started as number 1 in our class. She felt really happy and good today, so my bad nerves were slightly better when we entered the field than they had been up until then.
Yaya did a great job, a few mistakes with out communication but still a good run. After a short wait it was time for Dando and I and as always, he was happy and excited. That boy does anything for a treat!
We had a couple of big mistakes were he misunderstood me but he makes everything just look charming, so who cares?! 
Time to get our scores, and Dando managed to pass with 79 points. Yaya made it to 94 points and her new title RLDF! So happy! Time to really start practice for Advancedclass...

Below are a video of Yaya's run and of Dando's. Beneath that are some photos from today and also a few photos from about one week ago when I was practising with all the dogs. Enjoy!


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