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Zimba and his halfbrothers Bellman and Isidor practising for shows and rallyobedience!

I am teaching a rallyobedienceclass on Sundays where two of Moa's kids from the Elvis-litter is participating. Both "Bellman" (Kadamo You're the Boss) and "Isidor" (Kadamo Devil in Disguise) are doing great, very proud of both of them and their owners!
Love to see my puppybuyers work with their dogs! 
This Sunday I also met Moa's son "Zimba" (Kadamo Jack Daniels) from the Drinks-litter. He came to my showpractice because he will attend his very first show next weekend. Zimba has multicrowns so is not a showdog, but next weekend the big Swedish Ridgeback Speciality Show is held in Höör in Skåne and there they have a Petclass. So it will be nice to get a judgement on him, overseeing his ridgefault! 
His sister "Ebba" (Kadamo Bloody Mary) who has an overbite will also be shown there for the first time.
I can't wait, I know it will be a great weekend with great company from several Kadamo dogs and their owners!
Below are some pictures of the above boys training both for shows and rallyobedience. Enjoy!


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