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Four championtitles in one day for Leo!

Yesterday it was time for the National Show in Västerås, judged by Mrs Sofie Krigholm, SWE. Breed entry 30+.
For the first time Leo was shown in openclass since he turned 2 years old in February, and this was his first show since then, and also his first chance for the final CAC he needed to complete his championtitles.
He started off by winning the openclass and then Best of male with the CAC we so wanted. This made him Swedish Champion at his very first shot! But that was not all, at the same time he became Danish Champion, Norwegian Champion and Finnish Champion since he already has CAC in these countries,
Our handsome boy did not stop there, he went all the way to Best of Breed! Unfortuntely he had an upset stomache so we decided to not stay for the finals risking that he would get sick. So he got to go home and rest instead this time. 
Thank you Malin for asking me to show him and for letting me be such a big part of this amazing boys journey!
His full name is now SEW-23 EUJW-23 NORDJW-23 NORDW-23 SEJW-22 SEW-22 CIB-J SEVCH SEUCH NUCH FIUCH DKUCH Kadamo Can Y' See It Now.




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