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Swimming indoors with the girls!

The weather has been so grey and wet lately and it is getting colder, so I have booked a few appointments at the dogpool for some indoor swimming with the girls. 
We were there last week and again today. We have a few more appointments before new year so the girls can start the New Year in good shape! 
I have been swimming with my girls in dogpools for years. They are all used to it and get very fired up when we arrive at the pool. 
The first video below is of Yaya swimming, she was first out today. Moa and Mira doesn't rest while waiting for their turn... they keep on running around keeping an eye on Yaya in the pool.
Below that video is a video of each one of the girls swimming on their own. They are all doing well even though they are different and need different kind of encouragement.
Yaya is the most comfortable one and she swims quiet lazy if she doesn't have a toy to chase. Mira and Moa don't care for toys, but swim harder when being encouraged by me.


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