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First days with ONLY Mira!

On Saturday the last puppy left us and since then Mira has been "alone" at home. Of course a big change for her, but I think it has been positive for her. More the opposite! She has gotten to sleep in my bed, spend a lot of time with me and the other dogs relaxing on the couch and now spending some time in Vadstena at Eriks place.
Here she follows us everywhere and she has her friend Svea to play with. I unfortunately got a cold so haven't felt on top, so a lot of time resting the passed couple of days. 
Today I carried her a lot during our walk with the big dogs. She seem to think that was fine, but a bit heavy for me. So tonight I ordered a dogride for her, which she can go in when I take the big dogs for long walks and she is not allowed to walk that much/far for a long time. 
Below are some photos from our visit at my parents house and some photos of her from Eriks place.

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