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Mira got the LP1-title today and finished at 2nd place in Obedienceclass 1!

Today it was time for Mira to compete in Obedienceclass 1 again. The competition was held in Bålsta and arranged by the Rottweilerclub.
Mira and I started as number one and she felt good. She did everything and thank god, this time no 0 points! The only thing I wasn't happy with was her fetching, she did not hold still but still got 8 points so not bad!
Mira recieved 178,5 points total (maximum score is 200 points and the limit for a first prize is 160 points), which took us all the way to a 2nd place in the competition!
So we ended our time in this class in ag reat way and I am more than happy! Now I will focus on Mira's mother Moa and hope that she will gain the same title this year!


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