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Mira BOB, BIG-1 & BIS-2 and Bellman BOS today at Puppyshow!

Today it was time a puppyshow for some of the Elvis-litter puppies at Gubbängen in Stockholm arranged by the Poodleclub. Judge today was ridgebackjudge Mr Åke Cronander, Sweden.
We were expecting grey weather and perhaps rain, so packing extra clothes in the morning and headed for the show. 
When we got there the weather was clearing up and less than 30 minutes later we had probably +20 C and sunshine!
This was the second show for Mira and Isidor but the first for their siblings Bellman and Luna. 
First out in the ring was the boys, Isidor today shown by his "extra-mummy" Jennie and Bellman by me, since his owner Nadine wasn't able to get off work in time.
Both boys behaved so nicely and I was impressed, especially with Bellman since we haven't really practised that much together. But he acted like a pro!
Today the first place went to Bellman and Isidor was second, both with great critiques and Honours Prize.
Time for sisters Mira and Luna and they also impressed with acting like pro's! All the practice really paid off! They both stacked like statues! 
Today Mira was the classwinner and Luna was second also both of them with Honours Prize.

Mira's critique in Swedish:
"Feminin mycket tilltalande helhet. Vackert välskuret huvud, bra hals och förbröst. Mycket välkroppad för åldern. Bra ridge, fin överlinje, goda vinklar. Rör sig väl för åldern."

Mira was also BIG-1 and we got to stay and wait for the BIS-finals! I was so happy to have all the Kadamogang present staying to cheer us on! Makes it so much more fun!
And I am glad we stayed because this little princess made it all the way to BIS-2!!!

Happy and extremely proud of all my puppies today!  Thank you all for coming and for your great company the whole day!


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