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Bloodtrackingsuccess with all my girls!

Today it was time for my girls to start their first Openclass bloodtrack this year. We have been doing some tracking for practise but I always enjoy tracking for a judge, new woods, new smells.
So today all three of my girls got to start, first out was Yaya doing a good job being very focused and finishing in 14 minutes with top score of 42/42 points.
The judge comments:
"Mycket bra spårarbete, jobbar bra ihop med förare. Tar alla svårigheter på ett mycket bra sätt. Ej berörd på skott."

After her Mira got to start and she is the most thorough of all my dogs, but still doing a good job in just 16 minutes (maximum timelimit is 45 minutes). She also got 42/42 points and the judge comments:
"Bra tempo och spårarbete av denna nogranna tik. Ej heller berörd på skottet."

Last out was Moa who was more than happy to get to track today aswell. Surprisingly she was the fastest today and tracked in only 12 minutes, her aswell with maximum scores of 42/42 points. Unfortunately the judge hadn't written his comment on her paper before we left.
I am very happy with all three girls and very much looking forward to Sundays Kadamo Mästerskapen in Västerbo. We will be a big bunch of Kadamodogs and people bloodtracking there and I hope the weather will be on our side!


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