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Another trip to Finland!

On Friday evening me and Mira headed for our second trip to Finland. This time we had the company of SEUCH SEVCH Kadamo Don't mess with Texas "Charlie" and his owners Olle and Kicki. On the ferry on the way over we also got a visit from Isabel, owner of Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" who was by coincident on the same ferry as us. 
So after a nice evening on the ferry we arrived Saturdaymorning in a grey, cold and rainy Turku. We walked the dogs around Turku castle before getting some breakfast.
We had a few hours to kill before the show so we had time for  a few walks in the woods. Once at the show we went to show the dogs papers and to our great disappointment Charlies vaccination against parvo etc was a couple of weeks to old for him to participate at the show... Finland has different rules than Sweden with this, so unfortunately we did not get to show Charlie.
But I still showed Mira and she recieved Excellent and was placed 2nd in the class. Judge was Mr Harri Lekhonen, Finland.
Feeling a bit disappointed to not have gotten that Finnish CAC I will wait before chasing it again...
I was happy to meet Elina and EEJCH EECH FINCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door "Myy" who came to say hello. Myy and Charlie are brother and sister from my first litter and haven't seen eachother since they were 8 weeks old. 
We went for a walk together and took some photos of them before we said goodbye and drove back to Turku. 
The weather started to clear up and we found a market in town were we spend a couple of hours walking around. We enjoyed a great dinner in the sun before it was time to get on the ferry.
Overall we had a nice trip even though not everything went the way we had hoped for!
Thank you Olle and Kicki for your nice company!


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