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Sisters rocking the ring in Gimo! Nada 2nd Best bitch with RCAC and RCACIB and Rita Best Junior with JunCACIB!

Our beautiful sisters Rita and Nada from the Oasis-litter (Tiya x Maddox) showed off in Int. Show in Gimo today, judge Reia Leikola-Walden, FI. 
Kadamo Won't Let You Down "Rita" was shown in juniorclass which she won, the only one with Excellent, and also CQ. She was automatically Best Junior with JunCACIB!
Sister Kadamo Keep the Dream Alive "Nada" was shown in intermediateclass which she won with CQ. So both sisters competing in Best Bitch. Rita was thanked off as number 5, and Nada went all the way to 2nd Best Bitch with R-CAC and R-CACIB!
Both girls handled by their owners! Congratulations Katarina and Mariah!




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