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Mira won a 1st prize in Obedienceclass 1 today and finished 5th out of 14!

Today it was time for me and Mira to compete for the third time in Obedienceclass 1, this time in the indoor dogarena in Arninge. She started off well with full score of 10 points on laying in group and showing teeth.
The whole programme went overall well. Fore some reason our finishes/ends were not as good as normal but they were at least good enough to give us scores on every thing.
So we ended up with 175,5 points and a 1st prize! (The limit for 1st prize is 160 points). 
This was our second 1st prize and we need one more for the LP1 title. So now we need to enter to at least one more competition and hope Mira will not come into heat then!


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